Chrysler Financialpoor collection practices

I am writing this so that anyone considering getting a car using chrysler financial knows what kind of company they will deal with.
My mother in law was killed in a car accident on August 3rd, it was not her fault and was a freak accident where really no one was at fault but she was rear ended by a semi truck. Apparently her car payment of $187.80 was due on Aug. 17th so obviously it was not made and that is where the problems started. On Aug 19th the phone at my mother in laws house started ringing so my brother in law answered( we were all there getting the necessary business stuff taken care of) I cannnot say the exact conversation because I only heard one end of the conversation. However he said that his mother was deceased and that everything involving the estate was going through the attorney. Something else was said on the other end and my brother in law said "thank you" and hung up. OK so no big deal however less than an hour later the phone rang again and it was again chrysler financial and again same story. About an hour later the phone rang again and I answered this time. Again Chrysler financial calling about a "personal business matter" for my deceased mother in law. I again explained and I also said that they have already been told this twice today and I was told the calls are on an automatic dialer and they will put in the notes but we will continue to receive calls until this matter is taken care of. It is now barely past noon and we have already gotten 3 calls not once have they been talked to rudely or disrespectfully, but at this point I felt that the attorney for the estate should be notified which he was. He said if there were any more calls to let him know and he will contact them. At 2:37 that afternoon Chrysler financial called again(4th time) and got the same explanation. The attorney was called and given the number and he said he would contact them. At 5:06 another call(5) by now the attorney had left for the day. 6:12 another call(6) again I answered this one and I swear it sounded like the same person I had already talked to again "personal matter" please call such and such number. I said that the attorney for the estate had already contacted them. Then the gentleman on the other end asked if there was any way I could get onto my mother in laws account on the internet and schedule a payment(I thought this is supposed to be a personal business matter that they could only discuss with mother in law) and I said I would see what I could do. Now I know why they are calling and it is an issue for the attorney for the estate so I was going to wait until the next morning after talking to him. Next morning at 8:03 call number(7) same personal business matter. At 9 we went to the attorneys office and told him what was going on and he contacted chrysler financial with myself and my wife there. I know while he was talking he said he was going to fax it to them and faxed something. He then said all further issues regarding this matter should be brought to him. So we left did a few things and went back to mother in laws gone for maybe 4 hours checked called ID 2 more calls from C.F. and one message total of (9) calls so far in just over a day and a half. Contacted attorney again. No more calls that day. Next morning we had to go home while brother in law and his wife stayed a bit longer. That night my brother in law called C.F. had called 4 times that day(13) in 3 days. They left to go back home but we had left all utilities on until everything was taken care of and that included telephone.
2 weeks later we all came back, this was Sept 4th and on the caller ID there were numerous calls from C.F. there were 36 calls in a two week period that we were not there and then counting when we were we are up to (49) calls. Since it was labor day weekend I could not let the attorney know until Tuesday so we decided to stay the whole week by the way 3 more calls now up to (52). On the final call The guy I talked to, I am positive it is the same guy I already talked to, told me I could make a payment on this account for $187.80 and the collection calls would stop. I counter offered with how about I just have this phone shut off and you deal with the attorney. Was told that if OUR number was on the account they would call us until this account was brought up to date. Tuesday Sept 7th i let the attorney know what was going on and was told they cant do that. I said maybe they cant but they are. We went ahead and had the phone shut off. It could not be shut off until Thurs the 9th, so we waited. 3 more calls(55). Thursday the phone was shut off and Thursday evening the neighbor that lives next door to my mother in laws house came over telling us that she had gotten a call for my mother in law regarding a personal business matter from C.F.

I know that C.F. is due their money but this is a very stressful time for my wifes family as it is and to call over 50 times in less than a month is a bit extreme. I do not understand how they can ignore even instructions from the attorney. They seem to be able to discuss "personal business matters" whenever they see fit and basically demand money from other family members.

I dont know what will end up happening with this mess but after reading MANY complaints regarding very similar collection practices by C.F. I just think anyone considering a loan using them should seriously reconsider

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