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Chrysler Capital / loan

1 Tomball, TX, United States

I have had terrible experience. This is my first car purchase and I had horrible experience from the start having to take 4 hours waiting at the tomball branch to have my documents processed. The price quoted was $19, 000 and the final selling price was $29, 000. I was tricked into giving all sorts of reasons that they had to add in $3000 as I was a first time buyer and that my loan wasn't approved, and because the bank will charge them a fee so he has to add it on the selling price and after adding in all the taxes, add ons and warranties, it has become $29k.Then, I checked the online account and to my horror, I (the buyer) was shown as a co-borrower and my co-signer was showed as the borrower. This is incorrect usage of my information and my co-signer's information (or rather did Chrysler perform a wrong transaction without notifying the customer?). I called in the contact center and was told that first that they had to do it because the loan wasn't approved and they could only get the credit approved by making the switch (really? Without informing the customer?). Then she was going to get the manager to speak with me as she can't make the switch and the line got disconnected. I called in again and spoke with another agent who asked me tons of verification questions which I already punched in the IVR and she assumed that I was wrong and they follow the contract and it could be possible that I signed at the wrong spot. Really? Is this how a serious issue is handled? After checking my details and the copy of the contract it became clear that I and my co-signer signed correctly and the mistake was at their end. She said that she will just notify her finance team to make the switch and apologised for the inconvenience. I then asked her what can they do to address the inconvenience that I have gone through. How will they turn my experience around and make me a happy customer to which she said that there is nothing they can do except apologising. I asked for the call to be escalated as I was still not happy. I then spoke with the supervisor who repeated the same thing and said that they don't compensate for such errors except apologising. He even said that there is no way a customer could find out such information about the name switch unless someone informed them from their office. I said that I can see that online. I asked to be escalated further and spoke with a lady at the executive office who said the same thing and that they don't compensate for the inconvenience. At this stage, all I am getting that they don't care about customer experience and though I had to find all this out, it's on my head. I then asked the call to be further escalated and spoke with Andrew (manager). Who also said the same thing and further explained that with this administrative error, the credit changes would not be impacted as both are still responsible for payments and the account, whether one is a borrower or a co-borrower and that they don't charge customers any processing fee. It's between them and the dealers and dealers should not pass any cost on to the customers. This came as a shock because now it's getting more messy. The dealer passed me $3000 which is added in the sales price of the vehicle saying that they don't have a choice because the financial institution will charge them the fee and had me sign the agreement on the same. Andrew further said that he will investigate further on this and get back to me as something like this should not happen. I gave him name of the person I spoke with (Rubi) before heading to the Tomball branch, who quoted me $19000 before the loan department added in the $3000 on top of this (including other addons to make it to $28k). I believe this additional $3000 should be waived.

Dec 20, 2018

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