Chrysler Canada / kumho tires


I have a 2010 Dodge Journey R/T AWD that has only 16, 000 KM on it. I love the vehicle but am very angry about the tires Chrysler has been using on this vehicle. I recently had a flat tire and was told it was unrepairable. Well I guess I'll have to put on a new tire, easy right? Wrong not easy! After searching tire dealers & my Chrysler dealer I found out that the Kumho 225/55R19 tires that Chrysler is putting on this modle of Journey needs to be special ordered and would take 30 days or more to get. So I asked what do I do with a 3 wheeled $35, 000 Journey? My answer was park it and wait or change the size of tires which if I had wanted I wouldn't have bought the vehicle in the first place. I need my vehicle so just spent $1, 500 on 4 different 19" tires. This is just plain wrong to have to do this with only 16, 000 KM on my Journey. The sad part is Chrysler has known about this issue for 2 years and continues to put this tire on some of its vehicles! Chrysler needs to step up and reimberse any of its consumers with a portion of the expense that we have had to endure in this matter. This is a major problem for many Chrysler owners as I have found out in my search for tires.

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