Chowking / slow service / no advice of serving time

We've waited for more than 20 minutes and I'm very famish because I just got off from my work.

I went to the counter to follow-up my order and approach one of their crew to assist me. I'm very mad at that time because I don't feel their sincerity of helping me. A girl with maroon uniform (I guess their manager cause I heard one of the cashier called her ma'am) just looked at me and didn't bother herself to ask me what's the problem.

I've waited again on the counter for almost 10 minutes before they confirmed that my order was already served with one of their service crew. They've wasted my time waiting for nothing.

I went upstairs to see if my order was already there and yes it was.

After done eating I notice that one of the crew assigned on the lobby put a chain on our spot. I guess they're planning to close that so they can clean it. But the fact that we were still there, can't they wait for a few minutes? Aside of chain they also put some chairs on it and mop.

I am very unsatisfied with their service.

Please do a disciplinary action on those involved persons specially the assigned manager.

Jun 01, 2018

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