Chowkinglauriat, sweet and sour pork

Chowkings Lauriat is one of my favorite meal ever since. It has been a long time since I didn't eat at Chowking. I tried to dine at Chowking tonight because I felt hunger along the way going home. I stopped at Edsa, Pasay rotonda beside the kabayan hotel to dine. I'm so excited to taste my favorite meal while I'm waiting. The food was served and to my surprise, the plate havent filled just like before a long time ago. It is not the Lauriat that I saw before. Why? Because the serving food is few. There is no more siomai on the plate, the pancit canton was too few, its like a food for the baby. The noodles they used are the noodles in the wonton noodles. Pancit Canton noodles are thicker than the noodle soup. Taste is not superb. My wonton noodles soup is not hot anymore, lukewarm. The noodles was too soft including the wanton, I believed this was overcooked. The overall rating is not satisfactory, failed in other word. The standard is deteriorating. Hope this could help Chowking to improve and satisfy their customer. Thanks

Dec 12, 2018

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