Chowking / I am complaining the server "rommel" - dining area (infront of famers plaza branch)

Quezon City, Philippines
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.at 1:30-2:30am today (october 18, 2018-midnight) we ordered 2pcs salt n'pepper (new one) and 1 wanton soup..i ask for chili so the counter gave me 2..Rommel served the wanton and i ask for chili again..then he gave me..we waited more than 20mins to for the salt n pepper even if the counter told us it will take 10-12mins, but its fine..then it finally arrive wherein we almost finish the wanton soup (bc it was first served)..when Rommel served the salt n pepper i ask again for another chili but this is what he said as he qouted "sobra sobra na nga yung chili nyo jan eh"..then i replied -kaylangan ko kase sawsawan ko while pin pointing in my salt n pepper, then he replied again "para lang sa soimai un"..i just said fine just give me the soy..then he gave me the forward i ordered an xtra rice and ask the counter if the chili is applicable for the siomai..the said its fine bc i was able to confirm it..what im trying to say is that..when i ask for another chili (for the 2nd time around) he can use a different word to explain it to me, in a very nice manner..i feel so offended that time bc for God sake it just a chili..he can just tell me that "im sorry but chilis are only for siomai"..
.i do understand that everything has limitations, but i know how to provide a "good customer service"..
.fyi- they gave us a small amount of that chili (mas marami pa ung pea size ng toothpaste) at ung chili ay lumalangoy pa sa i dont think na humihingi ako ng sobra..
-fyi- i didnt bother to ask for supervisor or even manager why? bc im an educated person and i dont think they cant resolve the issue, wherein the issue is "attitude"
-fyi- i am working in a customer service myself and i know how to be nice and more educated, and i do know also how to be rude (but in a right way)
-fyi- i am not aware that your chili are only applicable in your siomai..i think hndi lng ako/kame ng kasama ko ang hndi nakaka-alam about dun..bc i was able to ask for chili (kht ilang beses pa) kht chicken ang order ko sa ibang branch..
->napaisip tuloy ako..affected ba ang chowking sa price hike ng SILI?.
->til i wish i can have an update with this complaint esp if what kind of disciplinary action will you give to that diner "Rommel"..

Oct 17, 2018

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