Hi Chowking, I hope you can manage your queueing system. I went to Chowking Calamba around 19:15 pm and bought chicken lauriat. I specifically requested for thigh part and Ms. Shyren the cashier at that time told me to wait for 15 to 20 minutes, since the only available part is breast. And I said, ok. After the payment, she handed me my change and receipt, she didn't give me any table number so I assume, I only need the receipt to claim my food, since on the lower part of it, it has a table number (#87) printed on it. I sat on one of the vacant chairs in the store 'till 19:47 then follow up my order, but my order was not yet prepared on claiming area. I sat again patiently waiting 'till 19:55. Then, I approached again the crew and follow up my order. And to my surprise, the crew said it was already served. Not to me but on other customer. Moreover, the crew asked me if I could extend 10 minutes of waiting to prepare again my order, but this time, I refused.

I don't complain on the time I've spent waiting for my order, but I am really pissed on waiting for nothing. Though, the manager (Mr. Ray) kindly refunded my money as I demand earlier, still I was disappointed with the service they've provided. I'm looking forward to hear your respond and action on my complain. Thank you!

Nov 26, 2018

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