Chowkingfeedback on customer service. (to your employees at chowking sm naga city)

I just want to let you know of today's (Dec 3, 2018) incident at Chowking, SM Naga City. I'm not going to tell the whole story for I want to keep this short and I don't want to be of any trouble. Please be aware of your employees especially the ones at the counter. Please make sure to hire those with outstanding performance and have a good working experience to deserve the job to be one of those at the cashier. Today, I encountered one employee who was really absent minded of what he's doing and transacted the wrong orders. It seems to me that he wasn't paying attention enough to what the customer was talking about. And not just that, but the money transacted was also affected. I gave him 500 pesos but he asked if I have a 100pesos because the order was at PHP and I was absolutely sure that I gave Php100 but then he gave me the change for 500. It was also partly my fault for giving another bill, but HE actually forgot what I gave. I was to blame for being also absent minded for the 100peso bill, but it was only because there was a wrong transaction on my orders. And when delivered to my table, they still gave the wrong food. To be honest, I have a lot of problems on the incident today, but I only summarized it because I don't want to blame the whole place. I didn't get my money back and that's okay. But please, hire employees who have enough training to be there at the counter. And to all employees, please entertain your customers accordingly and appropriately. Thank you. (The food is good btw but the incident affected my appetite)

Dec 03, 2018

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