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After doing several repairs for policy holders, and having all calls pre authorized by chw representatives... No payment has been made... All calls were submitted per chw policy, and all policy holders were taken care of, no complaints.

They keep saying "be patient" it has now been over 4 months and no payment to our company has been made.

The accounts payable representative '"stanley goodspeed", claims to not be able to process a check in a timly fashion, with no explanation, just you need to wait.

Caution to all contractors
They do not pay!

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  • Sh
      Sep 24, 2010

    I represent an attorney in Tennessee that is experienced in consumer protection class action litigation. If you would like to discuss the situation you are having with this company, please contact me via phone or email. We are currently investigating this, and other, home warranty companies for questionable billing, customer service and contract violations.

    You may contact me at:

    or by phone at:
    (901) 759-3900
    (800) 485-8049

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  • Ma
      Jun 15, 2011

    Did work for Choice Home Warranty, 6months and Stanley keeps refusing to pay, all jobs were under the autho limit. I faxed and mailed copies, Stanley keeps giving me the run around, I finally contacted the BBB. Will go after this until there is a solution. We contractors work very hard and don't deserve this.

    Fellow Contractors be aware!

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  • Ga
      Aug 13, 2011

    Same thing just happened to us... also filed with BBB and the answer was that Troy had to review it again. They are no longer going to waste my time... They have had it faxed three times... it was authorized but yet they will not pay it. In the contractor agreement it states that you cannot file a lien on the property... well... going to check if my intials were anywhere on that document since I will be left no choice to file a lien against the customers property. I am not going to waste anymore precious time or money on this scam company !! They got mad that we refused to take anymore service calls.. If every contractor in their network would refuse to take their calls... they would have be closed down !!! Stanley Goodspeed treated us the same way... Then calls here and tries to talk over me.. had to inform him that he was not talking to the town idiot. Calling them is a waste of time.. they will just tell you another lie, another few days of runaround... Talk to the customer where you did the work.

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  • Ga
      Dec 13, 2011

    To date, CHW owes my company almost $1000 for several jobs that were authorized and completed. I have arranged a proper collections letter, and have sent it via certified mail. Let's see if they take heed in their actions, or they will find themselves in a courtroom.

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  • Ch
      Apr 09, 2012

    To Whom It May Concern:

    The details of these situations are not representative of the normal Choice Home Warranty customer experience and we sincerely regret our customers’ frustration and discomfort.

    We are committed to providing a positive customer experience and doing the right thing for all our customers, contractors and employees. We take customer feedback very seriously.

    At Choice Home Warranty, our focus is on quality... providing quality home-warranty products to our customers, following up with quality customer service when our homeowners contact us, building quality business relationships with our contractors, and ensuring quality work from our contracted technicians. We do not and have not ever encouraged contractors to deny customer claims.

    In addition to evaluating customer feedback, we continually evaluate our contractors’ performance, responsiveness, cost, and other factors to ensure these partnerships are fair and beneficial to all parties involved: our customers, our contractors, and our company.

    Choice Home Warranty is always in full compliance with its terms & conditions.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact help [at] (please reformat the e-mail address properly. We guarantee a response within 5 business days. We are here to help you!

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  • Ca
      Feb 21, 2013

    Choice Home Warranty is a joke. After getting us comfortable with them and allowing them deep in my pocket, boom, no more contact and no payments. I am a contractor. Troy McDermott is full of crap. Choice will pay you for awhile small payments and then get into your pocket and find a reason to cause an argument. As soon as that is done they will no longer take your calls or pay. Contractors run don't walk away from CHW choice home warranty. What a waste. They owe us $15K. Yes I know. Why did we let them get so deep... I don't know. My bad. Customers of CHW choice home warranty. We are coming after you, ... Unfortunately.

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  • Te
      Aug 14, 2013

    I am investigating claims by service providers -- including HVAC operators, plumbers, and other contractors -- who have not been paid on claims and/or have been short paid on claims that were performed.

    If you have information, please contact me at 713-498-1120.

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