Checkers on Willow Street in Lafayette Louisianafries

Went to checkers to purchase the fries for one dollar. The young man told me that it was regular price. I told him that it was one dollar. He didn't believe me so I paid regular price for two fries. I told him that the commercials were showing them on sale. But he kept saying that the sale was over. And he kept saying it's regular price do u want. So I paid regular price for 2 large fries. The next time I ask for the manager and told her what happened her name was Sonya she said. She said she would refund my four dollars. Then she couldn't work the register. She called someone on her cell that told her not to refund my money. I placed an order all she had to do was adjust my order because I was ordering 2 large fries and 2 medium shakes. Enough drama with checkers. I will do what most of my friends are doing. Just go to Sonic next door from checkers. Just too much drama.

Jun 05, 2018

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