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Checkers Auto Parts - CSK, Inc. / Racism, Bigotry and nasty attitudes

1 Scottsdale, AZ, United States

In today’s environment and economic conditions thousands of well-mannered, respectful and eager to please individuals are looking for jobs. It would be in the best interest of corporations that such personnel is acquired and retained. It would be paramount to CSK interests that such caliber of individual worked at the Checker Auto stores since customer and consumer skills are imperative to its survival but instead, they employ and protect Racist Bigots full of hatred with outright nasty attitudes towards anyone that, their little or no intellect and very limited IQ, percieve as being an Illigal or otherwise foreign individual.

You might very well want to stay away from this store (#01239 on Tatum Blvd) if you live in Scottsdale or all stores for that matter anywhere in the USA because, even their Boss and CEO Larry Mondry will NOT acknowledge or appologize for his employee's attitude and his refusal to respond to my letter and complaint shows, as I mentioned in the letter to him, that it is is direction and policy that allows for racist, bigot employees.

So, if you are from South America, or from southeast Asia, or Europe, or Middle East; if your skin is dark, or your hair is dark, if you speak with any kind of accent you are, according to this racist and his boss "AN ILLIGAL, STUPID IGNORANT ALIEN"...I'm not eventhough he thought so and I must point to all of you from Texas, tennessee, New York, etc... BETTER BE AWARE OF YOUR ACCENTS IF YOU GO TO A CHECKERS AUT PARTS STORE becaus ethe employee just might insult, offend, and yell you out of there "You ignorant illigal..."

You are forewarned, and don't check with Larry because he doesn't give a hoot!!!

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