Checkers and Rally's / food quality

Jacksonville, FL, United States

Went to Checkers on September 13, 2017 on University Blvd in Jacksonville Florida and I ordered the 4 for $3 fish meal and a ice cream cone. I returned to take the ice cream back because it tasted sour. Got back to work and looked at my sandwich, the fish were brown, it looked very old and the lettuce were rotten. I know before the fish and lettuce were put between that bun they saw it's wasn't fit to be serve. The fries were cold. I called the store and complained about my meal, they said they would replace it but I asked for a refund.

  • Updated by losherrod77, Sep 13, 2017

    The camera doesn't do any justice, the pictures are blurry. But you can see the the brown on the lettuce and how dark the fish is.

Sep 13, 2017

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