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[Resolved] / fraudulent

1 CA, United States Review updated:

Here is my CheapOAir story: I booked a flight in November '08 to fly from San Diego to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Cheapoair had the best deal. A few days later they called saying that I needed to verify my credit card information. I called, could barely understand the person I was speaking to, and they ended up increasing the price by $200. This price put them on par with the prices on Orbitz and Expedia so I just went with it. The flight was Delta Airlines to Atlanta then Orlando, JetBlue from Orlando to Aguadilla. The customer service agent muttered that "these 2 airlines should not be booked together, " but that "it will be fine." I had a 40 minute layover between landing in Orlando and taking off to Puerto Rico. So they charged me a little more, no worries, right?

2/11/08 12:00 pm - Checked in at the San Diego airport with Delta who stated that our bags would not continue to Puerto Rico once they got to Orlando, due to the fact that Delta and JetBlue do not have an agreement and that CheapoAir should not have booked this flight. Leaving 40 minutes to get off the plane, get to baggage claim, go back to the counter, check-in with JetBlue, go through security and catch my flight seemed impossible. With no time to get CheapoAir on the phone, I got on my plane with a prayer.

2/11/08 8:30 pm - Arrived at Atlanta, waited on hold for CheapoAir for 32 minutes without talking to anybody. Had to board the plane to Orlando.

2/11/08 11:00 pm - Arrived in Orlando, ran to baggage claim, waited 35 minutes for bags. By the time the bags were in my hand, the plane to Puerto Rico had already left the gate. Waited on hold for one hour, 30 minutes with CheapoAir and never spoke to a single human being. Bit the bullet and called JetBlue, changed my flight to the only one I could get, a 3pm flight the next day to San Juan, 1.5 hours from Aguadilla. Charged an extra $214, plus $80 at the Quality Inn in Orlando. Waited on hold again for an hour at the hotel before I finally hung up again and went to sleep.

2/12/08 3:00 pm - After waiting on hold again for an hour, we boarded the plane to San Juan. Upon arrival at San Juan at 7pm, the cheapest cab to Aguadilla was $125, so we got a rental car for $79 / day. Drove to Aguadilla, too tired to wait on hold, just went to sleep.

2/13/08 - Waited on hold without talking to a person 3 different times for at least an hour each time.

2/14/08 - Waited on hold without talking to a person 4 different times for at least 45 minutes, once for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

2/15/08 - Waited on hold without talking to a person 3 times for an hour each.

2/16/08 - FINALLY get ahold of a person. They stated that they could not compensate me for my missed flight expenses because the flight was 5 minutes late, thus they were not at fault. Right, it was the extra 5 minutes that made us that late. Whatever. My flight home had the same Delta to JetBlue issue on the way back with only 1 hour between flights, so I said if they could just fix the flight home at no further charge to me I would be satisfied. After waiting on hold for a response for 20 minutes, they came back to simply state that it is a "valid connection, " that I'll have "plenty of time, " and this was verified "by the airlines and by the airport." My flight was to land at 6:10 am in Orlando, then I have an hour to get to baggage claim, get bags, check in again with Delta, go through security and catch the flight. I stated that she must have never seen the Orlando airport at 6 am and that an hour was not enough time. I told her to CHANGE THE FLIGHT. She put me on hold for 20 more minutes only to come back and say that she could get us a noon flight out of Orlando at a penalty cost of $200 a person (there are 2 of us) which I told her was unacceptable. After speaking to her supervisor, the best they could do was "promise" that I would catch my flight.

2/17/08 6:10 am - Arrive in Orlando, run to baggage claim, wait 40 minutes for bags, sprint to the check-in counter 20 minutes before takeoff and they had already closed check-in. Delta stated that they only had one flight to San Diego and that it would cost $947 per person. Got on the phone with CheapoAir, spoke to 3 different customer service reps, 2 different supervisors over the course of 2 hours (got "disconnected" 3 different times) with the end offer being that they could get us a flight to San Diego at noon for $450 total. I explained that this was unacceptable and the "supervisor" stated that there is a "baggage alert" highlighted directly below "flight details" on the online receipt they had e-mailed me. Prepared for this, my laptop was in hand with the receipt in front of me which does not anywhere claim a "baggage alert." I have attached this file as a photo. I explained this "baggage alert" wasn't anywhere which led to a childish, "yes it is, " "no, it's not, " "yes it is" conversation. I explained that, already approximately $500 down from their mistake I wasn't going to pay a cent and that my lawyer would get involved. The supervisor then said, "whatever" and hung up on me. I returned to the Delta desk and a flight miraculously appeared for $50 / person that would get us into San Diego today. After 23 hours of travel, I finally arrived in San Diego.

Booking Confirmation
Your Electronic Ticket(s) have been issued. Please print this Itinerary and carry with you to the airport for check-in.
Please print and keep this receipt.
Please do not respond to this e-mail! This email is intended for notification purposes.
Click here to see your itinerary online
Your E-ticket(s) for this Itinerary have been confirmed
Booking Details
Booked on: 11/9/2008
Reservation ID: KCPNRF
Booking Number: 1763168
Name: Anthony R Chiatello
Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
San Diego CA 92109
Phone: 412 xxx-xxxx
Please note: Your ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE . For any changes to dates or routing, there will be a penalty. Please call our Customer Service at [protected] to request changes to this Itinerary. Some flights may be completely NON CHANGEABLE even with a fee.
Traveler Details
Traveler 1: Chiatello/ Anthony Adult

Seat Request: Any
Meal Request: No meal service requested
Special Request: No special service requested
Electronic Ticket Number: KZIUCV E-Ticket
Traveler 2: Watkins/ Krystal Adult

Seat Request: Any
Meal Request: No meal service requested
Special Request: No special service requested
Electronic Ticket Number: KZIUCV E-Ticket


Date Flight Depart Arrive Duration
11Feb, Wed Delta Air Lines
Flight 1046

Operated by Delta Air Lines SAN - San Diego
01:36pm ATL - Atlanta
08:44pm Nonstop
4hr 8min
11Feb, Wed Delta Air Lines
Flight 1329

Operated by Delta Air Lines ATL - Atlanta
09:20pm MCO - Orlando
10:49pm Nonstop
1hr 29min
11Feb, Wed JetBlue Airways
Flight 723

Operated by JetBlue Airways MCO - Orlando
11:35pm BQN - Aguadilla
03:07am Nonstop
2hr 32min
Total Trip Time: 8hr 09min
Date Flight Depart Arrive Duration
17Feb, Tue JetBlue Airways
Flight 724

Operated by JetBlue Airways BQN - Aguadilla
04:10am MCO - Orlando
06:07am Nonstop
2hr 57min
17Feb, Tue Delta Air Lines
Flight 1431

Operated by Delta Air Lines MCO - Orlando
07:25am LAX - Los Angeles
10:08am Nonstop
5hr 43min
17Feb, Tue Delta Air Lines
Flight 7591

Operated by Delta Air Lines LAX - Los Angeles
01:50pm SAN - San Diego
02:40pm Nonstop
0hr 50min
Total Trip Time: 9hr 30min
Add Insurance
Check Hot Deals on Hotels in Aguadilla
Check Special Car Rental Rates in Aguadilla
Meal & Special Requests
Price Details (USD)
Travelers: 2 Adult/s
Fare: 401.90
Taxes & Fees: 94.20
Insurance: 0.00
Discount Amount: $-20.00
Total Fare: 972.20 USD
Credit Card Details
Credit Card: Visa -xxxx (First 4 digits)
Expiration Date: 02/12
Account Holder: Anthony R Chiatello
Please note: Your credit card may be billed in 2 charges totaling the above amount. The second charge of "Ticketing Automation Service Fee" will appear as "Airline Taxes and Fees" . This "Ticketing Automation Service Fee" allows us to provide you with the highest level of service and pricing and provides for automating the ticketing process. Your total will not exceed the above amount.
IMPORTANT NOTE: All tickets will be automatically issued and are non-refundable. If you do not receive an email with ticket # information, please contact us to get the ticket #s or call the Airline to receive ticket # information. IN NO CASE WILL TICKETS BE REFUNDABLE, even if ticket is not utilized.

NOTE: If it is a third party credit card, you may receive a phone call and email from our customer service department asking to verify this transaction before the tickets can be issued. A third party credit card is when the traveler is not the card holder.
Advice to Travelers
For international flights, please reconfirm your flights 72 hours prior to departure. It is recommended to check in 3 hours prior to departure for all international flights.
For domestic flights, please reconfirm your flights at least 24 hours prior to departure. It is recommended that your check in 2 hours prior for all domestic flights.
Please re-confirm your seat and other special requests such as Frequent Flyer miles with the airline directly Airline Phone Numbers .
Please check your travel documents such as PASSPORT and VISAS. You are responsible for entry and visa requirements to the country you are visiting. At times there is an airport change at your connection city, please be sure you follow instructions for the change of Airport. Please review your itinerary carefully for such airport changes and other flight details.
At times the flight is operated by a code-share partner. Please be sure you arrive at the correct Airlines' check in gate. For example - the flight # may say "United Airlines" flight # but the flight may be operated by "Lufthansa", so you will need to appear at the "Lufthansa" check in gate
In extremely rare cases, Airline rules or fares may change prior to ticket issue. We reserve the right to notify you of any rule or fare changes within 3 Business Days. For any fare changes up to 25 USD of the new fare, we will bear the cost. If there is a rule or fare change, you have the option not to purchase this ticket and your credit card will not be charged. If there is no change, then ticket is automatically issued and it is non-refundable.
Changes - In addition to penalties imposed by the airline, a processing fee of up to $100.00 per ticket will be charged for changes made to this Itinerary.
In the event that your tickets cannot be processed electronically, we will issue a paper ticket and send overnight to your credit card billing address.
Travel Insurance - If you selected to add the trip insurance to your flight ticket order your payment will be processed immediately. Please click here to view a copy of your description of coverage. For travel insurance questions or to obtain your certificate or policy please call CSA Travel Protection at [protected] (plan code CA200-T or 100CA). For all purchases made prior to 9-30-07 please call [protected] (plan Code 435-F). This number is valid for Insurance Questions only.
Tickets are non-transferable and name changes are not permitted.
Original service fee charged at the time of bookings is non-refundable.
Cancellation fee charged at the time of cancellation of reservation is non-refundable.


  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Apr 06, 2009

    Anthony, your baggage alert problem has already been addressed, the information is posted both on the website when you booked clearly under your flights, not to mention on the booking page. We do apologize for the over sight, and for anyone booking Airtran flights and connecting to other airlines, they do not transfer baggage, and this is clearly displayed on our website.

  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Apr 06, 2009

    I would like to mention that as a company, we do care about what are customers are saying about us. All complaints are researched and we try to resolve to everyone's satisfaction, so if trying to get the information from our customers to assist them, means posting on the internet, we will do that.

    It is not unusual for somone to put complaints on any blog board that they feel they have been wronged, and not all complaints are not what they seem, so getting to the bottom of a complaint is a top priority!
    Customer Support

  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, Apr 06, 2009

    Mr. Santos, I do apologize that you have experienced long hold times, this time of year is busy for us. As for the changes and the additional fare increase, I would like to say if you make voluntary changes to your reservation, you must pay the cost of the new ticket. So to say we charge higher fees, that is not the fault of, you are obligated to the change penalty that goes directly to the airline, and if the cost of the new flights is higher, you have to pay that.

    The booking process can take several hours, we have to do a credit card verification of your credit card. We have hundreds of reservations coming into our office, therefore you may have several bookings ahead of yours, so the delay in your confirmation can result from the abundance of bookings ahead of yours. Please check your spam folder, maybe we are blocked from sending you the information.

    If you still need assistance with this booking, please contact me directly:

  • CheapOair Customer Care's Response, May 05, 2009

    Holly, I have emailed you directly to offer my assistance. Please provide me with the inforation I requested, and I will research your concern.

    Customer Support

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  • Ar
      21st of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Wow, my friend, this was an horrible experience! This company should not be allowed to be in business. I wish I had read this before I booked my flights to Europe yesterday. I'm having trouble with changed itineraries, increase in fare, no confirmation of new flights, no e-tickets, long time on hold on the phone, and a lying rep who insists he has emailed my e-tickets. We must put the word out for consumers to boycott this unreputable company. Cheapoair's license to do business should be revoked.

  • No
      17th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    oh I agree!!!The should run out of business, they have a terrible way to make money and you know why you read so many responds from customer service of cheapoair??Cause ripping off people and writing lies on the internet is what they do best!!!TERRIBLE COMPANY!!!

  • Ho
      4th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    My husband and I booked tickets to go home at Christmas. After booking the travel we received a phone call stating that the fare was no longer available and that we needed to pay almost $200 more for a different itinerary. Incensed I informed them we would find our fare elsewhere and that the price hike was unacceptable. The representative stated that they saw their error and would honor the initial price. I was given my ticket number and sent the same itinerary I had initially agreed to. When my husband and I showed up to the airport we were informed that our itinerary was incorrect...we had no reservation on the flight. Frantic calls to CheapOAir's customer support went nowhere and we ended up buying another set of tickets or else risk spending Christmas in an airport. Once we returned home and I had a chance to look at my credit card statement I noticed the amount charged was more than our itinerary showed and for a different airline completely. Apparently the itinerary we were sent was incorrect. Follow up phone calls resulted in nothing but more frustration. The error was theirs, yet they were unwilling to refund our tickets or issue a credit. As far as they were concerned they had our money and it was our problem.

    Do business with this company at your own risk for they will never rectify any mistake on their part.

  • Un
      18th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    My husband and I booked a flight from Ft. Lauderdale to LA and back on-line. As soon as we received the confirmation I noticed, that the return date was two weeks (!!!) after the one we stated on our reservation (instead of 24th of May THEY changed it to June 8th). I called the company's customer service right away to change our flight back. After being on hold for almost half an hour their representative said to me, that it was our mistake and we did put the wrong return date ourselves, though I did the reservation on the different computer and still had the page open showing me the right date on the original reservation, that we made! Nontheless, the girl on the phone was very persistent... I told her, that I want to change my flight back since we were not planning to stay in LA for additional two weeks - we need to go to work, have things to do! So, she called the airline and told me, that she would change the return date back to normal. As soon as I got the second confirmation (which was hers) I saw, that CheapOAir charged us extra $358.00 as the penalty for the changes!!! This was total FRAUD!

    I called the company again and as soon as I explained my problem and requested to talk with the supervisor, they simply hang up on me.

    Then my husband came back home - I was not able to talk to anyone no more - he called the company again and they started arguing with him, stating, that it was all our fault and we put the wrong date and agreed to the charges (which, actually, also included extra $60.00 for the insurance, that I didn't even ask for - we paid for the insurance $30.00 in our initial reservation - why do we need the extra one?!!!)

    After the long conversation the customer service representative refused both to accept their fault and refund the money.

    NEVER again we are making an effort to fly with the company like that anywhere. CheapOAir is the worst company to buy tickets with - they are total crooks! They make their money cheating on you, for example, the way they have just did to us!

  • Fl
      14th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    had multiple similar experience with CHEAP-O-ERROR,

    their wait time is never less then an hour at all times of the year!!

    STAY AWAY!!!

  • Al
      30th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    On April 29, 2013, my boyfriend and I learned how cheapoair got its name. Cheap service, cheap tricks and deceptively cheap tickets. On March 18, we had purchased a roundtrip ticket for my boyfriend to visit his family in Iran in May for $1194.77. One thing led to another and after the Massachusetts bombing, he and I decided it was not safe for him to travel to Iran at this time. So I called to ask if we could change the arrival and departure times to sometime later in the year. Fast forward an hour and 15 minutes later and 3 transferred calls and I was stuck trying to explain my situation to the Cheapoair Indian call center. The representative was extremely rude and difficult to understand and when I asked him to repeat several things (which I phrased, “I’m so sorry, but could you repeat what you just said”) I would hear him mutter something under his breath and yell the instructions back at me. He even yelled at me, “Apple! You can only go back Apple!” I later found out that he meant April. Even my boyfriend who’s Persian tried to help me understand him but eventually the representative refused to repeat himself and we had to end the call.
    So we tried again. Another 45 minutes later, we were connected to the Indian call center again, this time with Representative #2 who was much friendlier albeit unhelpful. He explained to us that we would have to use the tickets by March 17 at the latest if we rescheduled (within a year of the purchase date, not the flight date which we thought was odd). In addition, we realized that Representative #1 had blatantly lied to us about the deadlines of our tickets. So we discussed our options and decided to hang up to so as not to waste his time.
    Big mistake
    We decided afterall we are going to postpone the trip to our winter break and called again. 30 minutes later, we got connected to Representative #1. As soon as my boyfriend says hello, Representative #1 states, “Oh it’s you. This is your number ###-###-####. You’re going on hold” and put him on hold. No questions asked or asking if it was okay or making sure that it was my boyfriend. Just the representative heard a middle eastern accent and naturally assumes that it’s the same person who called 2 hours ago. I was shocked. And he remained on hold for another hour and a half until my boyfriend gave up and hung up. At this point, I was calling in on my cell and was surprisingly able to get in to get another customer service number we could try. Representative #3 then asked me, “Why are you calling? Your boyfriend is already dealing with one of our associates.” At which point I informed him that the other representative seemed to have a personal issue with him and would not connect him.
    So we try the other number. This time the hold is only 40 minutes and we’re connected to Representative #4. We explain our situation (again) and she tells us that in order to switch his flight over to December, the charge would be about $1600. I first thought she meant an additional $425. No. She meant in addition to the penalty charge, she would also charge us ANOTHER $1600 and we would NOT get the other amount back we paid. I thought this was ridiculous and when I clarified this amount, she tried to talk over me until I almost had to shout to get her to stop talking and listen. Finally we decided to just cancel the ticket and she said we could use the credit toward a flight until March 17. We agree to the email confirmation and penalty to cancel the ticket only to find out afterwards that this credit is only good for the airline my boyfriend was originally going to take, which was Alitalia. And guess which airline wasn’t showing up on the Cheapoair website (when it worked)? That’s right.
    Overall, I feel extremely cheated and angry. Because the website is so poorly managed, even if I find another Alitalia flight somewhere, I would have to call into a customer service that is shoddy, racist, and rude in order to try and book it. I want my money back and refunded. You’re welcome to charge me that $50 penalty, but this post is going on every traveling internet site until you have the decency to respond to my emails about your lack of customer service and failure as a facilitator for easing traveling

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