Cheapoair Website / bait & switch

Toronto, ON, Canada

I suspect uses bait & switch in their pricing policy. Here's my story:

1) I was surfing the net looking for cheap tickets for my family (son, husband, me) to fly.
2) After 2 hours surfing, I came across They offered a $4400 fare for my family flight (most other websites were around $6000).
3) I tried to book it several times with my credit card but it always rejected it and said "Use valid credit card". My credit card had worked earlier in a different merchant.
4) I used the online chat system and tried to book the flight but "Remus" (customer service guy) wouldn't book me it. He wanted to sell me a more expensive ticket with the same price as most other websites. This was while I was staring at $4400 flight in my face. I even have a screenshot to prove it.

Is this bait & switch? The scary part is that I typed my credit card number in several times. I wonder if they were use it illegally. This online company should be reported to the Better Business Bureau or others.

Cheapoair Website

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