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I booked travel for two persons through Cheapo air also known as One Travel. Approx 12 hours later I called and asked to move the departure up 2 days, I was told I could not. Their ad led you to believe otherwise. So I asked how much it would cost to cancel the flight and was told $50.00, no other charges were mentioned so I cancelled the flight. Instead of $50.00 for the cancellation I was charged $326.80 for non refundable charges and fees. If the agent would have mentioned the additional charges I would not have cancelled. When I complained I was told I should have read the company's terms and conditions which are quite lengthy. I would think that a good company would inform the customer of all the additional charges when inquiring of the cost for cancellation. They were rude and uncaring . My credit card company Citi Double Card notified me that I am responsible for these unjust charges.

Nov 15, 2017
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