Cheapoair / fee for seating assignment

CA, United States

After using CheapOAir to get a good rate on a flight between Los Angeles and New York, I received an email from CheapO providing my confirmed itinerary and the cost. It also had a button that allowed me to “Select Seats”. Great, I’m thinking, now I can do it now, instead of 24 hours before takeoff. I happily pressed the button and it takes me into a confusing set of options, if I will donate $11.95 to the CheapOAir happy Indian club (service fee). Then I say WTF and decline, and enter Google “CheapOAir Seating Assignment.” That takes me here, “the complaint board”.
The good news is most, if not all, airline provide online seating assignments for free. Free if use it within the 24 hour period before takeoff or pay a fee if you get seating more than a day in advance. You can go to any airline website and select the option to manage your flight, providing the six character airline confirmation code that CheapOAir provides on the email.
What this says is that CheapOAir is simply charging for a service if you want it. I would not consider this as a devious ploy. Just use the free airline 24 hour pre-seating option; you have had for the last 10 years.

Feb 20, 2013

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