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This has happened multiple times: I try to purchase tokens on and my card get's declined. Obviously, I contacted the bank, but everything was fine there, as well as with VISA, which means the site had a problem (again, obviously, I had limits and no restrictions to apply). I contacted the support and first got a set of answers stating things I did not need and possibly previously written: whoever answered DID NOT READ my case and just sent a generic email. I kept contacting and had to go through things like me saying "Purchase page says I have all 4 transactions left and I will NOT use Epoch as they are known for scams" and reading the answer "You can try a different transaction method, like Epoch, or wait until tomorrow if you reach your transaction limit" - AND THIS IS REAL! Is all on the emails!
I had this problem multiple times and ONLY created this issue with the card. It really seems to me this is forcing this Epoch on customers, or they're just plain bad. Last email I sent I requested (for the 10th time) a real answer towards a solution and got NOTHING - NO ANSWER! As if it wasn't enough no solution, they also ignore customers.
I advise anyone who likes this kind of service to stay AWAY from and look for other sites.

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  • De
      Jan 05, 2019
    Chaturbate - Broadcast
    United States

    I am a new model on site, with user name Anaisbela.I am not able to get new users, without refreshing various times.After refreshing I get only one new user .This happens daily.I am listed on the homepage I wonder, or listing is random?

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  • Na
      Feb 25, 2019
    Chaturbate - I'm complaining about a customer called "future3000"

    There's a customer by the name of future3000 he has told me that he video me while I was on cam and he's making a website to put me and other girls on for the gain of money . What are the actions that are taken towards customers who takes videos of models to post on other sites for financial gain or just for fun?

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  • St
      May 12, 2019
    Chaturbate - danna_gomezz's cam
    United States

    I am asking for a refund of all the tokens that were given to the model because he did not do anything that was asked and I am not satisfied with anything that happened

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  • Sh
      May 19, 2019
    Chaturbate - Model
    United States

    Model Alicelighthouse is on two different sites at the same time. Is this a violation? She seems to be getting tips from both sites but I would think this would be some sort off breach of contract with conflicting sites.

    Date 5/12/19 7:52PM PST

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  • Br
      Jun 11, 2019

    @sharky456 [censored]ingRat

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  • Ki
      Jun 11, 2019
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    This app keeps appearing on my son iPad. He clicked on it and he registered an account. I need this account deleted as he is under age.


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