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Chase / floating due dates = late fees

1 CA, United States

I've had a chase acct. Since '06, with a due-date of 14-16 each month. Chase changed my due date to the 9th.

Since my statement arrived at the same time, and I pay my bills on time every month, I had no reason to expect the due-date for this account to change. When I saw a late fee on my account, I called to find out why.

Despite the fact that I had a mid-month due date for years, chase said they can change my contract terms at any time. They claim "notified" me of the change when my statement arrived. The claims representative snidley commented, & ldquo;you do read your statement, don’t you?”

For the record: i’m a aaa+ customer. I have a 760 credit rating, own a home, and haven't been late on anything to anyone for 20+ years. Chase upped my due date by a week, and then accused me of being "late" (By one day) ? I've incurred late fees, and my interest went from 0.99% to 22%. I'm confident it is because I have a 15k a balance at .99%, my account was "chosen" for a new due date. They offered no reason, no criteria for why I was "selected" for a new due date. Only that my previous interest rate was no longer available. There is no co-incidence here.

The answer is not to give chase electronic access to my checking account - do these guys seem like someone who should have electronic access to your bank account?

I’ll be writing to all state and federal authorities, and contacting others with similar experiences. Please contact me directly at

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