Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / fraudulent charges

Someone hacked into my checking account. Charged over $150 in Apple/iTune charges. I reported them as soon as I saw them. Chase gave me a temporary refund as they investigated the charges. A week later they reversed the charges saying that I had previously made purchases in the past from Apple so they couldn't prove that they were not mine. I contacted Apple and they verified that they were not my charges. Sent me an email saying so. I sent that email to chases dispute department. After receiving that information from Apple that the charges were fraud, they still are denying me the refund. Now telling me that I didn't report the first fraudulent charge in time. I didn't notice the first charge until the other charges appeared. I have banked with Chase for YEARS. I have never had a problem until now and I am just DUMBFOUNDED that I have shown proof and they still refuse to refund me but yet have had no problem charging me hundreds of dollars of NSF FEES DUE TO THIS!!!

Jul 24, 2018

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