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Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / awful customer service

1 United States

I applied online for credit card over 4 months ago. A month after applying I received a letter in the mail that more additional information was requested. I called Customer service and spoke to a gentleman that did not speak very good English. He sounded like he was from India. I was told that I needed to provide further information in regards to my Identity and that I could take this information to a local bank. I drove 77 miles 1 way to the bank in Moscow Idaho and gave them my utility bill and birth certificate which they faxed to the Chase credit card company. A month later I received another letter stating that the information was not readable and they needed another copy. Back to Moscow again 77 miles 1 way, where they again faxed my utility bill and birth certificates. They then called the company and made sure that the information that was faxed was legible and they were told it was. I then got another letter stating that they needed additional information. I called customer service again spoke to another person that didn't speak English. I asked him exactly what the problem was with the information that I was providing, he just gave me a standard response that you could tell he was reading off the screen. Now any good financial advisor will discourage you from giving your driver's license because if the system is hacked that is the 1st thing that they are going to use for identity theft. Which Chase Bank will not help me with if that happens. Customer service rep told me I needed to provide my driver's license. I offered my passport which is a government issued photo identification And he told me they preferred a driver's license. Customer service rep got very rude so I told him to have a nice day and that that I was done talking to him since I couldn't understand anything he was saying. This time I drove to Coeur de Alane Idaho which is 75 miles 1 way. Spoke to the branch employee/manager who called customer service and got another non English speaking person. The branch employee could not understand the representative so she passed me the phone. I was told that my application had been rejected and that I didn't meet their criteria. I have a perfect credit score and my current credit card has a $30, 000 limit, these aren't just given out like candy. I asked the representative why I didn't meet their criteria but he said that he couldn't release that information, the bank manager asked why I didn't meet the criteria and they wouldn't tell her either. So basically after many months and providing my proof of identity numerous times I've been rejected for their card but nobody can tell me why or how. The customer service representatives that I spoke to each time were always rude, extremely hard to understand, and talked down to me. I guess if this is the kind of customer service that I should expect it's a good thing that my application was rejected.

Nov 29, 2018

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