Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bankatm deposit

Dear Sir,
On May 4th I went to Chase ATM located in Fred Mayer Lynnwood WA 09036. I had to deposit $ 900 in to checking a/c. I was my very first time making a cash deposit in a ATM. I deposit first $100 and completed the the transaction instead make more deposit. I had to start over the ATM took money but did not complete the the trisection. Than I moved to next Machine to put rest of money which was $700 and got my receipt. Came home called Customer Services got my $ 100 put my A/C. On May 18th Chase reversed The $ 100 . That where It all started I have called numerous time and they changing the Day I will have my money put in my A/C. Today I have asked for complaint Dept and the man there was not even a Complaint Dept transferred me to Philippines where that was disaster she could not understand what I want, finally got American Customer Dept and she said It will take another 18 days to have my money, I need to have my money today or I am closing my A/C in chase and find me some other bank. I am 69 years old disabled male with censer do not need this kind of run around where they keep my money for month and half. thank you. krishan chopra

May 31, 2018

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