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I am out of the country internet very slow ...I am using the right password but unable to get into account times out I get a too many log on attempts ...Chase banks sight is always slow loading ..I at times have trouble in the USA now adding fact that they will not transfer funds from my cd to my savings I can not get into my account ...but that is ok in 10 days I will be in jail ...but

  • Updated by rlj19, Jun 06, 2018

    i am out of the usa before i left I told the bank to not rollover my cd just put it in my savings account ...when it matured this was not done ..I told them again not to rollover this time they did it again..2 times I will pay the penalty just transfer the money ..the number they provided me does not work ...I am in a foreign country with no money...and chase could care less .. ..I have no money pay for my Visa I could go to jail ...I just want my money

Jun 06, 2018

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