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Charter / Technician problems

1 Pasadena, CA, United States
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I've been trying to get Internet access at my new apartment, and apparently, the only company that provides cable Internet in Pasadena is Charter.

I've had excellent experiences with their sales representatives, who were very helpful and kind.

However, in the last two days, I've had two installation appointments, with two different technicians, and both of them failed miserably.

The first guy simply told me he couldn't locate the connection between my fourth floor cable and the one in the basement downstairs (he did use a toner), and sent in a request for an SRO (special request order). Whether this was due to his incompetency or a break was unanswered, although in the latter case, it's still a piece of cake to repair. (I've even repaired broken lines myself in the past)

Apparently, the SRO was canceled, the second guy who came in yesterday failed doing the exact same thing, and now, after speaking with his manager, they want to check out the rooms downstairs for signs of the cable. In order to do that, my apartment's manager needs to talk to those people, and give them notice that someone may come in.

Problem is, I later spoke with my apartment manager, and apparently, this isn't the first time Charter has failed at basic installation.

They did the exact same thing last time, and failed to find any broken cables in downstairs rooms that time.

Also, the last guy to have my room, who moved out a few weeks ago, apparently had no problems getting cable there, so probably, there's nothing wrong with the cable.

The manager I spoke with on the phone, whose name is something like "David Dranis", was extremely arrogant, refused to accept any responsibility for the blunder, and even lied to me when I asked for a phone number I could reach him on the weekends.


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