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Charter Communications / false advertising, no resolution, poor service

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I have been a long time charter customer, basically because I have no alternative options. I have always paid my bill but in rough times, you try to cut corners on monthly expenses. Charter had all of a sudden increased my bill because a promotion period expired. So immediately I had to start looking at what my options were. I consulted with a sales person a time or two to check in on what they can do to lower my bill or remove services. The removal of services would cost me more, but they offered me a bundle that would maintain my previous rate, which was better than the extreme increase that I was dealing with.

All of these conversations were on the phone and through the instant chat option they have. I explained that I did not need a phone, but if there was an incentive and a rate guarantee for 24 months, I would move forward with purchasing of the bundle in return for a $400 gift card for a promotion they were offering. There was a whole discussion around the gift card and questions around what I needed to do to achieve that gift card. I was told that it would take 4-6 weeks for my gift card to come in the mail... so installation of the phone service was done and paid, 4-6 weeks later I start following up with Charter, and thirty conversations and five (5) months later via online chat and phone, I STILL HAVE NO GIFT CARD!!! Additionally, on my bill I was charged 20-30 dollars extra each month for fees and taxes for the phone alone, which I didnt even want, and I was not disclosed the amount of the taxes when they sold me the service.

As a single parent, I actually justified my continuance of service knowing that I couldnt lower my service offerings for any better rate, and I could use the gift card to help offset the purchase, I was counting on this gift card. Like I said, I have contacted Charter probably thirty times asking about the gift card, where was it, what if anything I needed to do, and I was continually told to wait it out...just keep waiting they said.

Finally at this point 5 months later, Im livid. I have no resolution -- I have escalated the issue three times with the promise that "its in the mail!" or "the forms are in the process now" and "call this number to follow up with the claim number xyz". I have done everything they asked, and I wait, follow up, wait some more, follow up again.

Five months later, with no call or follow up from Charter, I am now being told that I am not eligible for the incentive card. WHY???? Because I talked to an agent. I DIDNT ORDER ONLINE, I USED AN AGENT! I explained that I had conversations via online chat and telephone to understand completely the service offerings and to understand what my options were. If I didnt know what services to order or what specials they had, how would I have known about the incentive. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SALES PERSON SOLD ME A BUNDLE, WITH THE FACT THAT I WILL RECEIVE AN INCENTIVE GIFT CARD.

They refuse to escalate any further and referred me to call Corporate office. I told them that I had an entire converastion about the incentive and in the five months of continuous calling, I was NEVER told that there was an issue.

Ill be paying a visit to corporate office this week. This is unresolved and they say they cant do anything about it. I say its false advertising and poor customer service and management.

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  • Ha
      27th of Nov, 2011
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    When I got Charter a few months back (I used to have it years ago), I had to pay up front. They always charge me up front. If I didn't pay by a certain day, the company started harrassing me.I move a few months later and cancelled. First, they could not do it for x-number of days. The person moving into the house was getting Charter, and so I told the company to pick up the equipment, or just live it there and transfer it to the new person. What's so hard about that? They were getting the sasme internet service I had. However, they came by to "install" the new tenat's for which they charged 160 dollars like they had done for me.

    About a week after I had moved, I started getting calls for not having returned the equipment, which they were supposed to pick up. So, I travelled about 90 miles a week later to take care of some things, and I picked up the equipment and returned it. When I returned it, I was told that my account was in order, or something tothat effect.

    It has been months, and I am still being harrassed by mail. Then, I was sent a bill for 12.99. I would have been willing to pay it when I returned the equipment although I was under the impression that they owed me money. It appears that they kept on charing me until the equipment was returned. But if I returned the equipment, and they have it on record, why are they still calling me to return it.

    I tried to go on line to pay the 12.99, and put this bad experience behind, but the "pay-online" features doesn't work. Now, I can't access my account at all. Since I have moved, they are sending the bill to the wrong place. I just can't believe this whole nonsense. Furthermore, their internet connection is much worse than it was back in the early and mid 2000's when I first had it. I will never use Charter again.

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