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Charter Communications / terrible experience

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I moved to Chicopee MA in April of 2007. I signed up for Charter Cable and immediately began to have problems. The billing amount was slightly different than what they told me but it was a small enough amount where it wasn't worth the time to report it. I let it slide. I paid my bill online via a method that did not require a username or password.

For months, my bill was paid without error. During a system upgrade, the option to pay without establishing a username and a password was removed. I attempted to establish a username and password but due to system difficulties, I could not. I began paying my phone utilizing their automated system. This is where the real trouble began.

Prior to a summer cruise, I paid my bill. A short time after arriving back, I received a late notice. I knew that I had paid in full, so I pulled my credit card statement up and phoned Charter. On my statement I was able to read back the account number that had been paid. I read that to the Charter agent who determined that somehow my phone lines were switched with someone who lived on the same street.

I was told the matter would be resolved without any further information needed from me. Later in the evening, I received a phone call from a supervisor demanding that I send my credit card statement via fax showing that I had paid the bill. I have previously worked in the Fraud Division of a Financial Institution and felt that fax was not a secure method to send any personal information through. I refused.

After some arguing, I agreed to take a trip to the local Charter Office and show my credit card statement to an individual woman. I did and the matter was resolved until the following month where the same thing happened once again. Again, I took the trip to my local Charter Office. I then phoned the 1 800 number and asked to be established online.

After speaking with three different individuals I was told they were unable to establish me online but did not know why. I had the account number and passcode correct but their online banking would not register me. I was frustrated but attempted not to take my anger out on the agents and instead let it go to the following month where once again, my funds were attributed to another account. During this time-frame, I had spoken to supervisors and managers in vain.

I had made every logical attempt to resolve this matter kindly. Still, because they kept attributing payments improperly, I was receiving late notices and threats to discontinue service in the mail. I pay my bills on time. I dislike threats and little yellow warnings. It just didn't stop. After dealing with the same situation yet again, I demanded being established online. The agent I spoke with had the audacity to state that I needed to go through Charter for my internet to establish a username and password to pay my cable bill online.

I knew from previous phone conversations that this was untrue so I asked to speak with his supervisor and was hung up on. I still didn't want to go haywire so I let it go until my bill was due yet again. I phoned in and asked them to take my payment over the phone with a live-agent. They would but for a $15.00 fee. I understand that $15.00 isn't much, but the principle really bothered me.

I couldn't rationalize paying them to take my money. It seemed unethical. I declined their offer and went online. Finally, a chat representative was able to establish a username and password for me. I was happy and relieved. Immediately following, my digital cable began freezing more than usual. I became dissatisfied with the quality and frankly I was still rather upset about the whole payment fiasco. I decided to cancel.

In October of this year, I brought my cable box to the local Charter location. I paid my bill in full. I received a receipt which I still have showing that my balance was zero. Sure enough, I received a late notice. I phoned Charter and informed them that I had proof I was paid in full. I faxed a copy down to their 1 800 number. They stated the case was open.

Due to the dishonest approach of the company, I filed a complaint with the BBB. I dislike this approach but found it necessary. Sure enough, they have emailed the BBB stating that they conducted their own investigation and concluded I still owe them over a hundred dollars.

This is ludicrous. I owe them nothing. I have documentation from them upon returning my cable box that I owe them nothing. I've provided this to them. It's as though they are hoping they can aggravate me enough where I will just pay them off. I've let them slide on so much. They've added programming without my go ahead. They've overcharged me. They've made promises of free items and never delivered.

I've never endured so many issues with one company. I don't believe it is a conspiracy but I also don't believe this is an isolated coincidence. I believe the company is acting in a purposefully deceitful manner to ensure that they make the most money possible from each customer. I feel cheated. It isn't the money. Part of me says, pay them to get them off of my back...but the other part of me is just DONE. I've done everything right by this company and I've received nothing but headaches in return.

It seems that there are enough decent people out there who have endured the same sort of behavior I have. If you are interested in a Class Action Lawsuit, I believe we have a case. I have all of my documentation and can back up everything I've said here.

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  • Ma
      30th of Dec, 2008
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    Charter Communications is a franchise. They pay the areas they are in to do business there with your money, you are taxed on your bill . It is called a franchise fee. If people are so upset take action... Petition, get signatures, protest at city hall, do what you must, to get them removed and make room for a better and more reliable company.

    This company is very deceitful. They put you in campaigns/promotions, and say we will e-mail you or send you a reminder when your 'special pricing' expires. I for one have never received any reminders, and when you do call, they say the pricing isn't available, or that in order to get a low price we need to bundle your services...WHAT? I don't want any other CRAPPY service . I already have internet service that goes out daily.

    My advice to Charter: Keep your prices steady and your customer service reps in check, and maybe then you would have a good reputation. Oh, and your supervisors are ruder than the reps. And maybe get a service that is reliable, because I am sick of hearing... OH THERE'S AN OUTAGE IN YOUR AREA.

    I also have to laugh, ask for an e-mail confirming your new price and how long it will last... They WILL NEVER EVER E-MAIL THIS TO ANYONE! Apparently when I asked a rep why, he said legalities. LMAO legalities cause they lie & add things to your acct. Ask to hear a previous recorded conversation, they don't exist for customers to hear. Yet they say you will be recorded. Oh the DECEIT GROWS.

    I would suggest to Charter Communications: replace your LEADERSHIP teams and TRAINERS, because they are not doing a very good job at retaining your revenue or teaching your representatives how to be honest with a customer, not lie, because they just want their commissions. What are you 20 BILLION in debt? Someone needs to open their eyes there, and make some serious changes. And start regaining the clients trust.

    I went to Dish today, so you will not be receiving my $175.00 a month now, sorry about that.

  • St
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    Several months ago I mailed my congresman, I'm still waiting for a reply. Gee ya think maybe they're in bed together?

  • Cr
      12th of Jun, 2009
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    I completely agree with you. The day I had my service installed problems began. The guy who set everything up seemed like he was high on something, he couldnt even get our internet going. We ended up getting that going on our own. He didnt seem like he even knew he was at work, let alone in a customers home. Then I got a bill for $135 when I had just paid the installer $109, and my monthly bill was only $85 after taxes. I called, they said that bill was sent out without the updated $109, to disregaurd it. I said ok... THen a few days later, the same bill came. For almost a week I recieved a bill for this every day. I called again, and they said I had to pay this amount, and the next month I would be credited back everything I paid, it hadnt caught up. Now, I am not a genius, but I do know my basic math. $109 plus $135 equals $245... My bill is only $85. I said no, I paid already, according to the lady I spoke with to set up service I would not recieve any bill until the next month, bc the first bill is a month in advance plus some "extra". I then found out I had been charged for installation, which I was assured would be free for internet and tv. As a matter of fact, I told her I would have to call her back to "ok" the service after I spoke to my husband, as we make financial decisions together. She told me that if I hung up, she could not guarantee the next agent would exepmt both fees. So I said, ok, sign me up. I found out later that they ALWAYS exempt the installation. Well, that is what 1 person said, another said they exempt it for 1 service at least. So either way, I had been lied to. Well, kept having billing issues, finally spoke to a nice older lady and she got it straightened out. The other ppl there couldnt even tell me my correct due date, that kept changing also. A few days later, I log in and see it is BACK to the old price. Uhg. So I contact the BBB. They do a investigation, and someone from corporate calls me, andwe work it all out. I go to let the BBB know it's resolved and notice the bill is screwy again. I say its not ok, and the lady calls me back. Everything after that is ok, except that our internet is horrible, usually just sits on a blank screen... I went to pay our last bill, did it thru auto pay online. I put in my info, set the date, recieved a confirmation email and all. This month I went to pay, and what do ya know, but there is a late charge! They say I never paid last month. I call them and they deny I ever did such a thing. I have the proof so I decided I will call corporate to get it fixed. Still awaiting a call back from them to this day. I cancelled my auto pay, and then recieved an email that they were taking money out of my account as of that day to pay, bc I requested it! I called back, and they deny that too. Even though I have an email, dated that time, that date, it came in as I was sitting there contemplating my conversation with the helpless customer service. So, I am contacting the BBB, bc its the only way to get any help at all. I am so done with them. So far I have paid WAY more money that is needed for my account. DO NOT USE CHARTER!

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