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Charter Communications


hard core porn shows on tv

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I recently purchased a HDTV, and hooked up to my existing analog cable. I was surprised to find that my TV picked up several digital channels (109.1 through 109.10; 110.1-110.10,117.x). I was shocked to see naked sex scenes, and oral copulation on channel 110.4 which I blocked. But when I restarted the TV, the same content was displayed on 11.3; I blocked it. But whenever I restarted the TV, the hard corn porn was switched to a different unblocked channel. I called Charter and complained. they said they knew of the channel I was talking about and would completely block the channel so I would never have the problem. But today very similar content showed up on yet another digital channel (110.2). I have small children to protect. Charter has violated their agreement and simply keep switching the hard core content to different channels. Please intervene and correct the situation. I believe that thousands of children are in danger in areas served by Charter Communications.
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N  15th of May, 2007 by    0 Votes
I had the same problem and contacted Charter. The Charter rep informed me that Charter digital channels do not use decimal places and that the HD TVs have a built in tuner that "may" be picking up satellite channels. They suggested that I contact the company that builds the TV to find out how to disable the tuner.
N  18th of Jul, 2007 by    0 Votes
What you are actually picking up are Video On Demand streams (VOD). Charter is not actively switching the channels so they can pipe porn into your house. The way that On Demand works necessitates that the channels change. Basically what is happening is that someone in your neighborhood has requested that programming. When they request it, Charter finds an available channel to send the content on. So the channel is quite possibly different each time. When the program is done, the channel goes blank, and your tuner does not pick it up.

It is Charter's standard policy to encrypt these program streams so that they cannot be inadvertently picked up by those who do not want them, and I assume since this post is more than 6 months old, that they have done so by now. If they have not, please email me and I will look into the issue further for you.

I will assure you that Charter is not trying to endanger thousands of children in the areas they serve, and actually actively promotes the use of parental controls as a tool. As of a few years back, all TVs are required to have the V-chip installed in them. The V-chip can read a program's rating and block it based on criteria you set. For instance, you can set you TV to block all programs with a TV-14 rating, or all movies rated higher than PG. This would require you to put in a code to view these programs in the first place.

N  7th of Aug, 2007 by    0 Votes

Charter Communication Internet Service - Does anyone really works at Charter?
United States

Charter Communication is the only ISP I can use in my neighborhood and they act like it. I signed up with them in Jan '07 because they were running a "special". $100 rebate on modem to sign up for new service. It was a joke from the get go. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing there! It was a 3rd party company that was offering the rebate, not Charter. And there was no liason, no communication between the 2 EVER.

I have been trying to get my $100 refund for 8 months. THERE IS NO NUMBER BUT AN 800 number and it is to people who do not understand, whom I cannot understand, who put me on hold up to 15 minutes, will not let me speak to a supervisor, just keep me on hold.

There is a "live chat"... they cannot help me there with this particular problem.

There is and email contact... they cannot help me there with this particular problem.

They guard their contact information like it was Fort Knox. I don't think anyone really works at Charter... I think it's all done by auto generated response systems and people over seas.

Thank you, Kathy Shields
N  7th of Aug, 2007 by    0 Votes
Ms. Shields,

I work at Charter Communications in Saint Louis, Missouri at the Corporate Office. I would be happy to assist you in a resolution. Please email me a telephone number on which we may contact you and I will have someone contact you today. My email is brynn.palmer@chartercom.com

Brynn Palmer
Charter Communications
Corporate Customer Care
Saint Louis, MO 63131
N  22nd of Aug, 2007 by    0 Votes

Charter Communications - Cable Internet Service - Customer service sucks!
United States

Charter Communications CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS

Having spent the 3rd day in a row sorting things out with Charter Communications Customer Service, which is really their Billing Department, I am livid.

Day 1, I call to refer to them that I am not paying my bill, because the cable problem ticket that I submitted in May, has not been fixed. It is now August and they have yet to fix the problem. I was informed by the little ant, that it was MY responsibility to keep complaining about the existing problems and that it was not their responsibility. I speak to his supervisor, and the only thing they are worried about is the 20.06 outstanding on my bill, that I am not going to pay, until the problems are fixed. I stated such, and they can disconnect me if they want, but, until the problems are fixed, I am not paying for an service that is not up to standards. I am assured that the repairman will be out between 1 and 5 on Friday. Dont know if you guys can take halfdays off to wait for these idiots, but, it costs me money to sit and wait for them. Also, they give me a months credit for my troubles. Situation solved ? Not hardly.

That evening, I receive the Billing Collections call and I am informed they know nothing about my call earlier in the day, but, they do see the credit posted on my account and the scheduled service call. But, since I am not up to date paying, they are stopping my services. IDIOTS !!

Day 2, I am called for collection again, I give them the information from Day 1, they have no idea what I am talking about and simply want their 20 bucks. I explain it all AGAIN, and work thru the whole issue AGAIN, and specifically ask for the problems and circumstances to be noted in my account. Yep, you guessed it... nothing was posted on the account.

Day 3, now my internet connection (which by the way is the easiest thing for them to shutoff remotely) is terminated and I have to call in. Yep, my account is suspended for nonpayment and they cannot help me until I pay the 20 bucks. These idiots, have now made me angry enough that a years free service is not enough. But, I still try, starting at 1pm... talking to first one, then another, then another, and another services rep from these idiots. Not a single note is put on my account, not a single reference to the troubles I am having with the service, not anything EXCEPT THIS FREAKIN 20 DOLLARS that they want!!!

Charter Communications is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever encountered and will never do business with them again.

OH, and by the way, the little Loation or whatever girl that thought it would be funny to put me on hold and laugh about me and my issues with her co-workers, I understood what you and your buddies said, I if I had the ability, I would be slapping you and your company with a lawsuit for defamation of character right now.

DEAR CHARTER EXECS, you and your company suck and will soon be terminated from my life forever along with everyone else I can tell my tale to.

Direct TV... here I come... ATT internet... here I come... Charter... GOOD FREAKIN BYE !!
N  1st of Mar, 2008 by    0 Votes

Charter Communications - Poor high-speed internet support!
Charter Communications
Saint Louis
United States

Woke up this morning to discover that when I go to Google, Yahoo or any other search service that they are detecting that I reside in Japan, instead of the US. They serve up either their Japan homepage or us English but will not display any paid search ads since they think I am in Japan.

I contacted Charter Communications about the problem but they refuse to assist me. They tell me it is a MSFT problem despite the fact that I am using both Windows PC and Apple computers in my home. I have rebooted my computers, my routers and my cable modems over 10x with no success.

In doing research I discovered that other people have had this problem and it is traceable back to DNS routing issues that the cable company is having. Despite sharing this information with Charter they refuse to assist me and actually tried tell me to buzz off by starting over and calling their mainline number again, even though I was already on the phone with them.

I am an Internet professional and I am aware where the issue lies on this one and the fact that Charter will not even attempt to assist me irritates me beyond belief. I have been paying their inflated rates for years (due to no other option) and they have the nerve to tell me to call again. Unbelievable.

I hope that someone figures out a way to get Charter to step up and start listening to their customers and helping them instead of pushing them away.
N  1st of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes

Charter Communications - Cable television
Charter Communications
United States
Phone: 860-379-2560

This company has the worst customer service I have ever seen. When I accepted the bundle package deal it took them 1 mont to come and set up my phone. They canceled 4 appointments and never called to cancel. I waited every day during thier scheduled 4 hour window and nobody showed up. When I called they would say, "oh, I'm sorry but we need to reschedule". They would come up with bizarre reasons and each time it was a different reason. I am sitting here waiting again as I received the automated call letting me know they would be here between 4:30 and 5:30, it is now 6:30 and they just called and said "oh don't listen to the automated call it's ALWAYS incorrect " and we're trying to fix it. We have no other wireless internet service provider otherwise I would have dropped this service weeks ago.
A  5th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
This is wonderful! Please tell me what brand of HD tv you purchased so I can get one too!
N  31st of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes

Charter Communications - Don't deal with them
Charter Communications
United States

Charter Communications (Southern California) has the worst customer service across the board. I have had to reorder service 3 times in 9 months.

I have giving them my credit card 2 times for Auto Pay and it never happened. They never have pulled the funds from my account and have disconnected my service 2 times.

They now want to charge me reconnection fees for their screw up along with past due penalty fees. I have now been on the phone with them for the past 2 hours fighting this and they tell me the same thing..."this is what you owe, please pay, thank you!!"

This company ***, they are such a disconnect, I would rather get my teeth pulled then deal with them ever gain.
N  30th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
I wish I were one of their customers.
N  11th of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes

Charter Communications - Terrible company
Charter Communications
South Carolina
United States

Charter kept raising our rates. This will be the third time this year, so I have decided to cancel the subscription. But they would not let me because the bill was in my wife's name, not mine. Any other time I needed to make changes, have our cable box (junk) rebooted (for the ?? time) they were perfectly fine with my name not being on the bill. So my wife had to cancel the service - talk about being inconsistent.

As I said they kept raising our rates, while they where moving channnels (which we had before)to other tiers, claiming it was because of the analog to digital conversion. After searching the internet I found this to be nothing more than a LIE. It was just their way to get people to buy into other tiers, costing the customer more money for channels they previously had.

The T.V.'s we have are all LCD 1080p, & are all attached to a quad-shielded 75 ohm coax, that was installed when we built the house. Most of Charter's technicians were actually impressed with how strong our signal strength was, when connecting their ohm meters to our cable line. That being said, the picture for regular digital (the majority of channels they offer) was nothing short of horrible. Hi-Def was o.k. at best, but could have been better.

In short, I feel pretty dumb for messing around with such a horrible service, when changing took less time, than I wasted keeping Charter up and running. Anyone thinking of switching from Charter Communications, should not hesitate, because there are better alternatives.
N  28th of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
They raise fees and they improperly bill customers. You made the right choice by canceling service.
N  29th of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes

Charter Communications - practices
Charter Communications
North Carolina
United States

After month of trying get Charter to correct a mix up on accounts, phone calls and visits to local office. I tried again by phone. I talked with an Operator in the Philippines, transferred to a Customer Service manage in Mexico, and finally British Columbia. The also employ Operators in Argentina. All this to attempt to untangle an Asheville area error they had made months ago.
Since Charter Communications is a franchise. They pay the areas they are in to do business there with your money, you are taxed on your bill . There are many people looking for employment in NC why support a company who does not hire people from the area that pays them.
N  21st of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes

Charter Communication - Terrible company
Charter Communication
United States

In October I asked Charter Communications to install a cable package with Internet. They used heavy sales tactics to entice me to also use their VOIP phone service but I was already happt with Vonage. Since installation, every time I try to use my phone while on-line my entire Internet system crashes. Charter has tried to fic the problem three times and their only solution seems to be that I cancel Vonage and switch to their service.

This all seems very suspicious to me.
A  3rd of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
I totally agree. Charter is non-ethical in their billing agreements. Do not EVER do a phone agreement with them. !!!
A  3rd of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
You are so correct...I called for the so called "Charter Bundle" and was promised that 107.97 was the ABSOLUTE lowest price availble for my services...then not even 2 weeks later I search the Yahoo Web and find out if I would not have been faithful customer for over 18 years, I would have been eligible for the deal of $ 69.97 per month for the next year for the same freakin services that I have now !! What a rip !!! I am certainly informing all of my business associates and family members to never deal with Charter again.
N  29th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
WOW! That is like buying dirt and finding out it is actually gold with brown dust on it. Do you have any idea how lucky you are?! Porn on every other channel is an amazing deal. Let's trade TV's, heck, houses if that doesn't work.
N  18th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes

Charter Communication - internet service
Charter Communication
United States

Family is moving to an area not covered by Charter communication, contacted Charter two weeks before our planned moving date and asked how long we would have access to our e-mail. Was told our account would be active for 60 days. The day after we canceled our service with charter, they canceled our e-mail account. I contacted technical service and was again told the account would be available for 60 days, the tech service advisor then did some checking and advised that the account would end immediately, but if I wanted to pay for internet access, I could pay for the access and then reinstate my account. I asked to speak with a supervisor - my phone chain then went - internet tech supervisor, customer service, (who transferred me over my objections to) visual technical service, who then hung up on me. Charter sucks and I am going to register this complaint on every site I can.
N  18th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
Although it does suck, puting a complaint on every site you can will not help you in the least.
N  11th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes

Charter Communication - billing
Charter communication
United States

I have been a customer with Charter for many years. I decided to do the Bundle package with charter about 2 yrs ago well that was a huge mistake!! They raise my rates every 3 months NOW my rates are $200 + per month for internet, cable and phone service. I received 3 different bills in 1 month period. They cut my service off and now they sent me a bill after I turned in my boxes saying I owe almost $700 for 2 months and I never rent pay perviews or anything. They rip people off and they will send the cable guy to your door to collect money. I told the cable guy here are all my boxes because there is no way I am paying that much money for cable. I called the customer service trying to find out why I was billed almost $700 and they were confusing me and had no clue what they were talking about. This company needs to be sued and should not be aloud to do this to people. I am going to go through direct tv and I will never ever go through charter again. They are scamers

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