Changi Airport Group / immigration officer at terminal 2 gate

Singapore, Singapore

Good morning. My sister and I just saw my mother off at Terminal 2. She is 85 years old and illiterate and travelling alone. Hence, we were worried that she could get to the gate on her own, etc. At the door, where the passengers have to show passport and boarding pass before entering the passport clearance section, we each gave her a last hug, while a young female immigration officer was checking her passport and boarding pass. The officer then told us rudely to move along saying that there were people behind us. When I told her that we were just giving hugs, she went on to say that we should have done that before. The hugs took no more than a few seconds and I was shocked at how rude and non empathetic she was. We stood to the side to watch our mom go through passport clearance and she again rudely told us to move away. We were not blocking anyone.
I am shocked and angered at her attitude and her non empathetic nature. The hugs only took a few seconds and no one behind my mother looked like they were in any rush nor did anyone complain. The only person who had trouble with this was the officer. I later went back to look at her badge. Her name is Shyana Carolina and this was around 11am when this happened.
I understand that her work may be stressful (at 11 in the morning) but she can learn some manners and empathy. I travel a lot and I know when a person is blocking ‘traffic' or not, and we were not. I am not impressed with her attitude and training at all. Also, even if she feels that we were blocking, she could choose a more polite way to let us know.

Oct 19, 2018

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