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December 07, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

On June 30, 2007, I purchased 11 double-hung windows from Champion Windows, Siding and Patio Rooms in Elmhurst, IL. The work was performed in August 2007 by Mr. Dave Milsap and his crew.

When winter 2007/2008 came, I noticed the windows in the family room were drafty and there was a layer of ice on the inside of my new windows. I called on January 31, 2008 and spoke with Bruce Carter at Champion about the situation. Champion sent out a gentleman named Peter, who re-measured all the sashes after he determined they were originally measured/installed incorrectly. March 11, 2008, the new sashes were installed and I thought the problem was fixed. Throughout the spring and summer, I didn’t have any issues.

Winter 2008/2009 has arrived and I’ve once again noticed a draft coming from these windows, and there is severe condensation on the family room windows in the mornings. While I’m specifically disappointed with my family room windows, as they seem to be the worst in this situation, it seems that the windows facing West are the ones having problems.

I called Champion again in November 2008 and spoke with Scott who said Champion would send someone out again. On November 25th, Dave Milsap, who originally measured and installed the windows, arrived and notified me of a humidity problem in my residence. I informed Mr. Milsap that my humidifier has been disconnected since Spring of 2007 and that, to ensure this was not a humidity issue, I’d already borrowed a de-humidifier from a neighbor for two weeks and hadn’t pulled out any water from the room. The reserviour of the de-humidifier was completely dry for two weeks.

I took it upon myself to contact some of my neighbors, some of whom used Champion but most of whom didn’t, to see if they had any type of condensation on their windows in the mornings. All, including the neighbor who had used Champion, said no. In learning this, I acquired a temperature/humidity sensor and began tracking the inside temperatures, outside temperatures and humidity levels on a daily basis. The sensor was reading approximately 40% humidity on daily basis.

While Mr. Milsap was investigating the situation on November 25th, his humidity sensor was reading approximately 10% higher than mine, and again he insisted it was a humidity problem. I’d informed Mr. Milsap that I had taken my temperature/humidity sensor to my neighbors house the night before and it read approximately 40%, as it was in my house. He then said that I should turn my heat up to correct the situation.

On December 2, 2008, Mr. Milsap came out with a crew, removed the outside casing of my family room window, and installed additional insulation. Mr. Milsap then informed me that I was “the only one complaining” and that the moisture is probably due to the fact that there is a retention pond behind my house and no other buildings blocking the water. If this was the case, there would be approximately 10 houses with condensation on their window, as that is how many houses are on the block whose back windows face the retention pond. The windows are still drafty, and as of this morning, there was condensation about half way up the windows in the family room. With all the tracking of temperatures I’ve been doing, the trend seems to be when it’s under 40 degrees outside, the windows start condensing, and the colder it gets outside, the more water/condensation is on my windows in the morning. I keep my thermostat set at 70/72 degrees and think that if I turned my heat up, as Mr. Milsap suggested, there would be more of a temperature difference between inside and outside and I would end up with even more condensation.

These windows are supposed to be more energy efficient, and it doesn’t seem this way with the windows installed in my house. They are still drafty, and according to Mr. Milsap there is supposed to be “some play” in the windows. While I can see that, as the windows are capable of folding in for cleaning purposes, I don’t think I should be able to wiggle the window when it is closed. The draft is coming from the area where the latches are. I believe the seals on these windows are faulty.

I’m having no success on my own resolving this situation, as Champion seems to be treating me like “the boy who cried wolf”. I’m asking for your assistance in the matter because I don’t want to feel that I spent $6400.00 on sub-standard windows. I’ve enclosed copies of work orders, although I didn’t receive a work order the last two times Champion was at my house, as well as copies of my temperature/humidity tracking.

Thank you, in advance, for your assistance with this matter.


Denise M. Ihde


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  • Ti
      4th of Jun, 2009

    Denise I totally agree with what you have gone thru and truely feel for you in your situation. Mine is practically the same you are always wrong and we at champion feel you should just live with it because we are window people and sure know what we are talking about. Does this sound familiar, I have heard it all from Champion of Omaha. Get some smoke sticks (purchase on internet) and when the wind is blowing do a smoke test around the windows and make sure that you take video very plain and clear and when your done take them to small claims court or go to the attorney generals office with your complaint. Scream loud and then louder till they fix your windows or you get your money back (I say get the money back) and find a very reliable window company do lots of reseach and talk to lots of people and when you get your next quotes make sure that you video everything that is said and keep it for your consumer safety. I truly feel sorry for you and hope you come out right on your journey. BAD

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  • Ma
      28th of Aug, 2009


    If you do have moisture problems within your home that will accumulate on the windows surface.

    All windows are design and rated to have a small amounts of air leakage within them. With that being said.

    Your windows are not supposed to have a large amount of air leakage or drafts of air that is coming into your home and that is more then likely the cause of your problems that you are experiencing. With a larger amount of colder air coming around your windows that is being meet by the heat that is being produced within your house that should be what is creating your condensation problems. With today's more efficient glass technology's most of the glass has multiple coatings or layer of glazing's that are applied to the glass surface. Clear glass is passed through a application process where multiple layers metallic and non-metallic elements are applied to the class surface resulting in a finished glass product that is then sold to Champion which then uses it within it produced products. But that bad news with multiple layered glass product and its multiple layers of Low-e coatings that are applied your window glass they are subject to have more condensation build-up on the glass surface do the temperature changes or the climates that surround your windows. That is a trade off of the higher performance more energy glass and is a known problem. You could have a case of some defective glass or a defective finished manufactured product but more if you can rock your window around I would say its a installation problem and should be fixed by Champion one way or the other.

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  • Ma
      28th of Aug, 2009

    Here is the real problem in your both of your cases that have posted before me. Its just a simple case of a flawed business model used by Champion as I posted numerous times. Champion locations across the country are mostly co-owned and operated arrangements. Each co-owner are mostly paid on a performance bonus or percentage profit business model. So these co-owners get so focused on trying to drive new business growth forward they often fail to take car of the existing customers as in your cases. They can ill afford to back up and spend the money nor the labor that is involved to fixing major hiccup such as yours. Champion has chosen to point finders as they always do and take the risk of being sued as opposed to just fixing your problems. Other problems within its co-owners are the refusal to let any one out a contract that is not protected by law or refund any money any way shape or form. Numerous projects was under estimated then the customer are just left on the hook and hung out to dry or any additional product and/or labor needed to complete a project. But on the flip side if Champion over estimate do you think they write a refund check. Don't count on that. Its all profit. Champion reps typically will overcharge to help drive up the profits and his commissions. After all they are commission only sales reps. That is the norm within Champion and I believe it starts at the top and rolls down hill. Champion has an additude problem within it like we are SUPERIOR and if you give us any bad press we won't help you. Champion should just take its code of ethics values and wipe its back side with it the next time they go to the crapper. IT MEANS NOTHING and isn't worth the paper its written on much like its warrenty...

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