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Champion Windows / Wrong order!

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I placed an order with Champion Windows and request French grids on the top only as is the case with Craftsmen style homes. I told the salesperson that I wanted them to look like the house across the street and 3 doors down and he said yes. Well, on the contract he put French grids, but didn't put French grids on the top. I didn't think anything of it because you only see them on the top. Well, they installed the windows and I gave them access without being there. I called the salesperson and he would never answer my phone calls. Then the entire order didn't come in. Then they installed them incorrectly (to the credit of the installation manger they did come and correct that). I called the sales Manager, and he totally dismissed me and said he had to check with the salesperson; you know the one that never called me back. Then, instead of calling me back directly he had salesperson call me back, who then lied and said I never asked for the grids on the top. Then, the sales manager called back and said he would have to take the word of the salesperson and not me.
I should have known when the salesperson said I could get an additional discount if I ordered to today. Totally, used car salesmen tactics. On the sales side no one ever once apologized. They said the company president would call me back. Of course, as of today, he hasn't. The windows are good, but don't sign anything with this company unless you go over everything with a fine tooth comb. I would rather have paid more at Lowe's or Home Depot knowing I had someone who would stand by their product and wouldn't use the type of sneaky, deceptive sales practices.

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  • Mi
      20th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    What planet are you from? Of course you should go over the CONTRACT prior to signing. Also most people would find it importent to be home during the installation. Did you check with Home Depot OR Lowes?

  • Le
      13th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    The contract would clearly have stated if the windows had grids, which sashes would have them, and what design the grids would be. This is a contractual agreement and everything is clearly defined in the contract. It sounds like the contract was never read prior to being signed by the buyer.
    It's not the window company's fault if they stood by the contract.

  • Ti
      13th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Payed Lowes or Home Depot ? What $350 a window ? or $400 a window ? For Junk? if you buy a window for $200 -$$300 a window and have it installed for $110-$150 you aren't much less then Champion and you have no warrenty for the Install if you had anything go wrong there you have NO PLACE to go back to...wake up and smell the coffee, , , at least you have someone working with you

  • Ma
      23rd of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Champion windows are just overpriced even at a so called "buy one window and get one FREE" or its 40-50 percent off sale price . All of Champion products are JAKED up in price and it does with a dog and pony show to boot. So what if it comes with a WARRANTY that covers window and screen repair! If you pay double for their products they could afford to replace if you needed them too but the odds are you would move out of your home before you would need any warrenty service done and that is what Champion is taking all the way to the bank. It is just a nice SALES JOB of a quility window product which people can purchase the same from other window companies. All Champion windows uses a newer generation Low E glass coatings on a outsourced class with argon gas put between the two panels of class in a insulated fusion welded frame and call it by there name Comfort 365 class. That is almost standard within the window market by todays standards. Champion just brain washes its sales staff and then call them a "factory representitives" and what a joke that is. The facts be know Champion doesn't build any class and most of the Champion class comes from Cardnal class company. Champion would like to con us all into thinking your going to save a high presentage on your ulility bill and your going to get a great return on your investment but you can get the same products at a much lower price without having to twice for it. Opps Champion, the cat is out of the bag now and your being exposed...

  • Ma
      23rd of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Why can't the Branch MGR just do his job and make this man happy and quit pointing fingers at each other and putting this man though the "BLAME GAME " as Championwopuld oput it, Its just the buttom sashes can be sent back to the factory and the grids could be removed then reinstalled into the window. The windows do not have to be taken out of the this mans house. I see Champion is taking care of the paying customers? That is a shame becuae you know he overpaid for those windows anyway . Get off your duff and do you JOB Champion people and make this man happy. You shouldn't of given Champion any final payment for the project until it was done right. DON"T TRUST CHAMPION

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