CFSC / 3969 whiteplains road bronx ny

So im online with 10 or more customers and there are only two women behind the register with only one working as the other Spanish heavy set female closed her register while she was waiting for someone one to relieve her ( a skinny African female with braids ) they waited approximately 12 mins to tell us that there system was down... Hence another female online waiting as well, she walked up to the counter as she exchanged big yellow envelopes with the ( African worker ) as they were done with the exchange she said please continue to tell the costumers that the system was down until she arrived back on the premises... Is this protocol when there isn't enough workers or is there something illegal going on? I've taken pics and will go to media with this as I am affiliated with certain social networks. You guys really need to investigate the problem here before it grows into something that will diminish your great credibility as a good check cashing business. March 10, 2017

Mar 10, 2017

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