CeXtrading in service

my little boy went into cex Liverpool Lord Street branch to trade in his old xbox 360 and some pads and games.
He had forgotten his power cable so was advised that he could not trade in...we said fine ok...then the advisor said 'actually i can take the pads and games and you just bring the console back when you've got the cable with you'.

So we did this. Now the branch wont let us trade in the console 'because it has no pads' so my son is stuck with a console with no pads or games.

The store manager was rude and dismissive, they said we could PURCHASE A PAD FROM THEM and then trade the lot in but I explained that my son would then lose money, to which they shrugged. I think this is really unfair, I understand rules are rules but WHY were we not told at the time we traded in the pads and games?

I feel this can be rectified by us buying a pad, trading it in with the console and then the store put the difference on a gift card...this is the least they could do. Any ideas?

May 07, 2017

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