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eSurranty reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jul 9, 2013. The latest review phone insurance was posted on May 20, 2019. eSurranty has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 22 reviews. eSurranty has resolved 0 complaints.

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+1 888 672 5619 (Customer Service & Sales)
5550 Painted Mirage Road, Ste 320
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States - 89149-4584
Mon10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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eSurranty Complaints & Reviews

eSurrantyphone insurance

Business Info: Esurranty, Inc.
5550 Painted Mirage Rd STE 320
Las Vegas, NV [protected]

Location Involved: (Same as above)

Consumer's Original Complaint :
No loaner and no replacement sent
Like many other customers, my claim was not handled and I never received a replacement or loaner for my lost/stolen phone within the indicated time frame. This company appears to be a fake insurance. Policy CL516946 Claim [protected] lost/stolen I phone X serial# [protected] date of incident 05/01/2019 at Publix SW 9th ST, Miami, FL 33130, claim advisor
Sean Henson

email: [protected]@esurranty.com

Consumer's Desired Resolution:
After the time that has elapsed since my clean was filed on May 3, 2019, I cannot accept to have a so-called "warehouse" phone sent since this company is not trustworthy. There is no trust that my deductible is handled appropriately and a phone is mailed out. Many people lost more money that way. I purchased the same phone and I want a total refund for the expenses of the new phone since they did not handle my claim on time and based on reviews scammed hundreds of people.

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    eSurrantypaying claims? sure, they are great when you are buying but read the small print

    Their claims manager is something else. He likes belittling their customers. Very nasty person. Do not trust this company at all. F with bbb, should have checked it out myself upfront but guess I thought they were affiliated with a larger company that could be trusted. When you purchase your policy they do not ask you for the serial number, etc. Instead you are suppose to read everything and then go back into your account and register your phones in 15 days. I did not see that so both my phone policies are not being honored. Even though rick (the manager) told me I was covered and gave me a claim number, they did not honor after 2 months of back and forth. Let me put it another way, if you buy a policy and don't register in the 15 days, don't you think they should at least email you to remind you? Also, after 15 days they should just cancel and refund your money since they are just going to deny any future claims. Just skip them, you will be glad you did. Worst absolute service for third party insurance I have ever dealt with. Deserve zero stars but not a choice.

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      eSurrantycomplete rip off. literally stole my device and my money

      I purchased a policy last July on my HTC unlocked device because it was cheaper and seemed to have better coverage than the Verizon insurance plans. BIG MISTAKE! I filed a claim for a damaged beyond repair device, paid the deductible (over $200 with tax) and sent my device in with their shipping label. I never got a tracking number or shipping confirmation, my "claim manager" never once responded to any emails, and after several weeks of them ghosting me and me going to great lengths to try to contact someone, my account magically disappeared from their database and my emails are coming back as undeliverable. This is the biggest scam I've ever seen! DO NOT USE ESURRANTY.

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        eSurrantynever got my refund...


        Always looking for alternatives and bothered with how expensive Sprint's warranty was, I found Esurranty as an option to cover my new phone. I checked out their website and quickly scanned their reviews online and found that people have been having primarily negative reviews with them, but I decided to go with them because I figured I was going to be paying in full and that I'd never need the insurance because in my many years of having a cell phone I'd never broke anything. Further, I liked the idea of supporting a small company. So on 5/7/18 I got this policy. Of course, as luck would have it, I dropped my phone and cracked my screen about a month later. It took an unbelievable amount of time, energy, and stress to get anyone to give me a straight answer about whether or not I was covered (no one will answer the phone, live chats are only seldom responded to, and you will never get an explicit or direct answer. In giving vague and delayed responses, they are trying to set you up to evade being held accountable). Finally after two weeks it was determined that I was covered, so I submitted a claim on 6/20… Rick Lewis the ‘claims manager' said it was processed and the refund check was in the mail (they give you the choice to send in your device or have your costs repaired). On 7/13, I still hadn't gotten anything in the mail, and they were nonresponsive to all of my phone calls, ‘live chats' and emails, so I opened a case with the BBB. The BBB was helpful in eliciting responses, yet although they finally explained why ‘tax wasn't being reimbursed', the BBB route was unsuccessful in facilitating the check being sent. On 7/20/18, I sent Mr. Rick Lewis a final email cautioning him I would be pursing litigious routes if nothing would be sent to me. I got an incredibly unprofessional email back- equating a toddler's temper tantrum and stating that a certified mail requiring my signature would be sent. On August 6th, still, nothing was in the mail… I resubmitted a request to the BBB requesting a tracking number, to which Esurranty responded back irrelevantly. Because of this, I am currently pursuing other avenues and have not had any check sent in the mail to me as of yet…

        A simple google search of the owner's name will pull up some quite alarming websites (including correctional institutions in Miami) that people have put together over the years… please do yourself a favor and look them up. I have been in contact with esurance, because I was thoughtful enough to sign up for their esurranty.NET site, as opposed to .com, which led to some other interesting insights. First, just because they are ‘partnered', esurance is still resolved of any responsibility in regards to paying out, as esurranty pays them to use their name in advertising to lure customers in. Secondly, when esurance three-way called with me on the line, the phone number esurranty provides esurance is a company called "bright star" or "on star" or something like that, and they had never heard of esurranty. My complaint was forwarded up the chain of supervisors, so hopefully some investigation will be done. I'm not sure under what circumstances start-up companies are able to get deals with legitimate companies, but esurance assured me that my complaint would be reviewed. Looking at any correspondence I have had with the company, and comparing it to other's experiences (and posts of their actual correspondences), it appears that it is the same individual writing and speaking, as their language and word choices uses in their dictation appears to be similar. Just a thought…

        As everything is pending in my case, I URGE you to PLEASE NOT SIGN UP!!! And I'm one of the lucky ones!!

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          eSurrantypaid in full annual subscription but ignored when filed a claim

          I paid in full for a 1 year insurance policy in advance for my Galaxy s8+. When I dropped the phone and the screen cracked, I filled a claim online. They then instruct you to have another form filled and notarized . I resent it via email and fax just to be sure but still no reply from anybody in the company. The damage happened February 4th, 2018.
          To date, June 30th, 2018 I have not received a reply, a reaction or an acknowledgement of the claim but, I did receive direct marketing offering me a discount if I renew the policy now ... meaning while they are ignoring me. some nerve.
          I would recommend you don't use this company, It is a waste of money and your time.
          By taking my money and making me believe they are for real, I was thinking I am covered and so now i am out the money and I have to pay in full for the screen repairs.
          DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Its a Scam

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            eSurranty — tablet warranty

            I tried to file a claim and they wanted my credit card number to charge me more money to repair my tablet I...

            eSurrantyiphone 7

            This is my first time having issues with this company.
            They really do have horrible customer service it's so awful.
            They are refusing to return a device I sent out which they won't even fix.
            My mom tried to reach out but no one response to them.
            It really is frustrating. Don't think I'll ever purchase a policy with them ever again.

            My phone is now being held by them and they won't ship the phone back to me which is so ridiculous. It's really the worst

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              eSurrantyMy opinion

              This service is certainly for you if you like everything beneath:
              * ... This company has no customer service. At all. How did I find it out? Well, they never pick up the phone and rarely answer emails. Reliable companies would never let this happen.
              * ... I mentioned they rarely answer. Yes, and it takes them forever to do. Why? Maybe because their office is so small and there're only two people who can do this job without bothering each other.
              * ... Spending money on their insurance means wasting money on nothing.

              You decide

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                eSurrantycell phone insurance

                I have been trying to reach the claims department for weeks; no response. Despite emailing their claims representatives and calling various numbers and leaving messages over the course of several months, this negative review finally prompted my very first response from them. Basically I got a new phone from them and it didn't work. I emailed the claims representative that had been handling that claim (Sean Henson) but no response. I've later seen many complaints of this representative. Apparently their policy is that I have to start a brand new claim even for a phone that was defective and sent from their own company and because I contacted an existing claims representative (and called their company several times) they ignored me and said they can't do anything for me. So yes its true I did not start a brand new claim but the fact that their own claims representatives do not answer by email or phone is unacceptable. I emailed Sean directly and called their sales AND claims department multiple times and left messages. Additionally on Sept 10 they posted a Facebook update that all claims were being paused/held due to the storm. I stopped contacting for a few days after that but they never updated their Facebook again so I imagine claims are still not being processed.

                Do not buy from this company.

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                  • Updated by Francine Whu · Oct 11, 2017

                    I thought I'd update and write a fresh review because I was unable to contact anyone from Esurranty for several months, despite numerous emails and calls. It wasn't until I left this bad review that finally they responded - how surprising!

                    I'll be fully transparent here now that I understand how esurranty conducts their business. I bought two policies this time last year. One phone broke so we received a new one. Sean Henson was the claims reps that handled the claim. It took awhile and I would email Sean and he wouldnt respond but eventually he would respond. We received the phone and it was defective. Here is where I did not follow their instructions - their instructions say to contact the general claims email box within 24 hours.

                    First, it's sometimes impossible to know the phone is defective within 24 hours. For example, our situation was that it wasnt getting consistent LTE service among other thing and those things are difficult to diagnose right away.

                    Secondly, I emailed Sean Henson directly because he had been handling my claim. He flat out ignored me for several months. I've been trying to reach him since July - it is October. esurranty said I did not follow their instructions by opening a new claim. This is true. but I did contact the SAME person I was dealing with. I also called their phone numbers and left messages. I called their claims number and sales number figuring someone would at least answer the sales line. Both line say they will return my calls and neither did.

                    Then my next phone broke. By this time, I was pretty worried esurranty was a scam. On Sept 10, they posted on facebook that all claims would be held up due to Hurricane Irma. Understandable. I held off on contacting them for a week because I figured they were rebuilding. After that, I resumed calling. No answer. I finally decided to just submit my claim because I wasn't sure what was going on - and now my policies have expired. It's frustrating because these are 1-year policies and if esurranty has a policy of never responding to their customers, all policies will expire before they get a new phone.

                    In response to my comment about facebook, they said that all updates are made on the website and all customers should follow the website. If that's the case, why did they even post a facebook post? If it's not meant to be a formal method of communication, why use it? hat's extremely misleading.

                    In summary, I made a mistake by not following procedure 100%. However, I think it's really unacceptable that esurranty representatives do not answer you, they do not answer the phone (despite asking you to call by giving you the number on their website) and they ONLY respond if you leave a negative review.

                    Additionally, several reviews have mentioned if you challenge the credit card charge, they bill you for the price of the phone and sent it to collections. So just beware. All companies can be difficult to work with - I'm well aware but esurranty rises to a level thats just unbelievable. SquareTrade isn't great either but I'll be starting a new policy with them today.

                    Here's a nice response from the company:
                    Food for thought:
                    If you put this much effort in your claim, we would not be having this little tisk. Perhaps you should get your priorities in order and focus on things that can help you instead of attempting to demonize a company that did their job when required to. Your negative reviews will be pushed to the 2 and 3 page within a month from positive reviews from customers that actually followed the very easy instructions and your complaints will be closed because we follow the letter of the LAW and track everything. All emails from (the horrible) Sean Henson to you are archived, all emails to us are archived, all claims submitted are archived and all of your attempts at extortion are now going into that archive as well so that when we have to answer to anything you concoct, we are covered. Again, I know this may be a stretch for you but perhaps someday you will just take responsibility for the fact that you did not do what you were required to do to get the service that was offered to you and given to you in the past. Again, Have a GREAT day!

                  • Ma
                    Mali222 Oct 12, 2017
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    What a bunch of losers! They follow the law? That is why their CEO has been convicted of 16 Felonies.

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                  eSurrantyUnreliable company

                  This company is not worth your attention. It doesn;t deserve to exist, honestly speaking. They are absolutely untrustworthy and unreliable.
                  Unfortunately, you pay for the air because their warranty is a crap.
                  I dropped my phone into the water, it was all over wet. I brought it to their service and they refuse to repair it saying it's not repairable.
                  I decided to check whether it's true or not and brought the phone to another place. They said 200 dollars and it will work.
                  So how can you explain this?

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                    eSurrantysent phone for repair and they never returned it. 3+ months. they do not reply to emails.

                    This is a company you cannot trust. Initial contact was made early August and was good with their employee Sean Hansen, and then it went downhill. I got the warranty and as my luck had it, I broke the screen on the phone. Sent it to them for repairs. Didn't hear anything back. Sent them an email and was told that it would take 10 business days for Samsung to repair the phone. 10 Business Days later, after not getting any update, I contacted them and was told my phone was locked to Samsung and Google and they couldn't replace the screen. Wait, since when does a phone need to be unlocked to replace a screen?

                    Especially since it's factory reset per their instructions. I sent a heated email and he didn't respond. Finally responded with a rude email telling me that if i was rude in my email again then he would not respond. Great customer service? NO! He then stated that my order to repair the device would be canceled and phone sent back. Now it's been over 2 months and the company still has not sent the phone back, has not responded to any emails and has basically stolen a $1, 200 phone. Now, I'm seeking legal representation to sue this company for damages because they simply are a rip-off company.

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                      On April 12th, 2017 I purchased 2 policies for my wife and I. These policies were for the Google Pixel XL smartphone and an additional Motorola Droid 2 Android smartphone. The total was $140.93 via debit card. Flash forward to July 4th, my wife accidentally went into the lake with her phone in her pocket.The following Monday I filled out the insurance claim and before I got the label to ship the phone to them to be repaired they made me pay an additional $189 to replace the phone if it was not repairable. I was told if it was repairable they would refund the difference from $189 to $59. (Approx $130) I made the $189 payment via debit card and then they sent me a label by email to mail the phone, which I did around July 7-10th 2017. After the company had my wife's phone for more than 3 weeks I got frustrated and unsatisfied with their service, I asked for the phone to be returned and for a full refund. I eventually got the phone back unreported however there was not a refund. I asked to cancel my policy and it too was denied (they won't let me cancel my policy).This is all well documented through email with the representative (Sean Henson). After multiple attempts I could not get anyone to answer their phone. Thinking I had been ripped off, I decided to dispute the charge with my bank. However after Sean Henson let me know to read my contract I saw that they would send me to collections if I disputed the charge, so I called the bank and told them I no longer wished to dispute it. Still to this day they have me labeled as disputing the charge even though I ultimately decided not to dispute the charge with my bank. I do have proof that I declined to dispute the charge with my bank.The last contact I have had with them was August 15th 2017.

                      I have been left without my $338 to this day.

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                        • Ma
                          Mali222 Oct 12, 2017
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          First and foremost, they cannot send you to collections for disputing the charge. If they don't provide a service, you have the right to dispute the charge. Don't pay attention to their threats, they are full of crap.

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                        eSurranty — phone repair

                        Sent my phone in for repair on july 11th as the screen went black and was unsure what happened. After waiting...

                        eSurrantyessuranty is a scam. fraudulent activities, theft of property

                        THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM PEOPLE - DONT SIGN UP.

                        Signed up, phone glass cracked. Sent them my phone. they charged me $150. Then said my account was on hold due to problems with credit card, however they used my credit card to charge me $ for the repair fee. There is NO LIVE PERSON, EVER, ANYTIME DAY OR NIGHT ANSWERING PHONES. EVER. You WILL NOT get an answer to your emails unless you threaten legal action, which I am now doing for stolen property, fraudulent charges on my card, and scrupulous business practices. DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY - THEY ARE NOT A LEGIT COMPANY. They still have possession of my Samsung Galaxy Edge. All the positive reviews on this website are written on the same date, take a look - FAKE REVIEWS.
                        Stated a manager would contact me, hasn't happened. I will be spreading the word, and continuing legal action.

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                          eSurrantylost phone claim

                          People at the claims department are like sloths never respond nor lift the calls. even they take a huge amount of time in processing the claims. I had filed a claim and its been 13days and there is no response from them regarding the claim. I have mailed them several times and there is no response.
                          The representative has mentioned in one of his mail saying he will respond to every mail on the same day he receive, but he never replied me back. its the worst company to have a insurance with.

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                            eSurranty — refund my money if you are not replacing my iphone

                            Esurranty.com: i have already filed for refund from my credit card company for your fraudulent activitie...

                            eSurranty — cell phone insurance

                            Buyer beware: please read!!! This is the absolute most unprofessional, dishonest company I have ever had the...

                            Esurranty Indemnity Company — purchased insurance policy for phone, will not pay anything that I am owed

                            You wrote a review for esurranty One hour ago 1.0 star rating 1/14/2017 Waiting months for payment due me...

                            eSurrantyI want my phone back!

                            I sent them my phone in early September with a water damage. eSURRANTY was supposed to fix it or replace. I followed all the provided instructions and sent my phone. Was supposed to receive something back already but still nothing. When I contacted eSURRANTY customer service they said they need more time and asked me to be more patient. They say one and the same thing every time I call. They are so slow and unprofessional!! I want my phone back!

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                              www.esurranty.com — impossible to reach the agents

                              I applied for phone insurance on the website www.esurranty.com. I sent them this form, but no one replied or...

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