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Certegy / can't clear a good check

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My husband and I just moved to OKC, opened up an account with a credit union and ALWAYS HAD A POSITIVE AMOUNT in the account. Several times my husband has gone to 7-eleven for gas.He has written a check for $40.00 or $50.00. The first time of the denial, he was told he was a new customer and he had "no profile" and the company would mail him an application to fill out,but 7-eleven took his info and took his check anyway. IT CLEARED of course. The next week after still not receiving the app,my husband went back to 7-eleven wrote a check for like $51. and some change. It was denied. He told the clerk they had cleared her check last week. So the clerk called the company,they told the clerk they could take the check this time but my husband could not write it for over $50.00. ( We have a jeep,it takes more than $50.00 to fill it up with these gas prices) So the next week he went back and wrote a check for $49.00 and once again it was denied. ALL of these checks have cleared our credit union with NO reprocutions. We hate using debit cards because that information can be stolen from the computers that are swiped on. With I.D theft as it is today, that is why I like writing checks. I have proof I wrote the check. Needless to say, any business that have there system I will not use. I agree after reading all the complaints. There need to be a lawsuit filed. I will be on that list if need be, Because it is embarrassing to be in a store and be denied in front of people knowing that you have the money but nobody else knows that and after seeing you get denied, they either think of you as a criminal trying to get stuff for free by writing hot checks or they think you are needy and try to purchase the items for you as a good jesture. All because of this company's lack of business sense.

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      2nd of Jan, 2008
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    Actually, using your debit card is much, much, much safer than using checks. Anyone can steal your checks just by writing down the numbers and having their own checks printed or by "check washing". It's much, much, much, much harder to hack a computer system and get your debit card information. You are really making yourself vulnerable to check fraud and identity theft by carrying your checkbook around. Use your debit card or credit card. It's much safer, faster, and easier.
    Checks are not a guaranteed form of payment and it takes several days to find out if a check is good. Therefore, not all checks are accepted. If a crook has stolen your checking account information and a retailer blindly accepts it for payment of $200 in gas, the bank will probably not get the check for a few days. When the bank finally gets the check 2 days later, they will ask you if you wrote that check, you'll say "No, I never wrote that check". and the bank will refuse to pay the retailer. So, the retailer has given away $200 worth of gas and has no recourse to recover the money. They only have a driver's license which was probably fake anyway. So they are out $200 and will probably raise prices to meet their business expenses.

    On the other hand, if they use Certegy and they accept a check that turns out to be fraudlent, Certegy will pay the retailer the $200 so the retailer doesn' t have to worry about whether the check is good or not. Certegy guarantees the check is good.

    It's not about you spending your money the way you want. It's about the retailer getting paid for their goods and services. Some places don't accept checks at all. Do you have the right to force them to accept checks? No, of course not. The retailer can choose the forms of payments they accept.

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