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My check was declined. I had more than enough funds available to cover the check. No one at the store could tell me why my check was declined. I could not reach a live person at Certegy to answer my questions. I will refuse to do business with any company that uses this company and I would request that others exercise the same practice. This was completely unacceptable practice. My check was absolutely, 100% good and I have outstanding credit. I have never been so embarrassed in all of my life!

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  • Ca
      Mar 10, 2009

    I completely agree because the same thing happen to us when we went to Best Buy and tried to prchase a TV for $ 426.00 and where denied by Certigy.
    We could not reach a live Person either, but the recording stated that there was nothing negative on his Credit or Check writing History. So we handed the Phone to the Manager at Best Buy here in Iowa and let im listen to it.
    She said unfortunately there is nothing she could do because it was not up to her to change that. We where so emberassed. The same Company Certigy also does the Business with Super Target as we went there. They approved a Check for $ 42.00 but would not approve a Check for $ 398.00.
    What is wong with this Company??? What standards are they going by??
    MY Husband never had a bad Check out there ever and they still denied him.
    We are so angry with this Company I could scream.

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  • Pa
      Jun 17, 2009

    one of my checks was also declined that i wrote to walgreens. when i called the 800 number for certegy, a recording informed me that i had a returned check on my records but couldn't give my any info regarding the returned check. since i rarely write checks and have not been contacted by any company about a returned check i have no idea what certegy is referring to. the nite before i paid for an item using my checking acct. and the transaction was approved so what the hell is going on??!!

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  • Al
      Aug 24, 2009

    they are terrible i tried to cash my payroll check at a shaws supermarket and they declined it because they told me that my social security number did not match up with the check i have no idea how that possibly could happen.

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  • Jo
      Apr 03, 2010

    Certegy isn't checking bank balances when you are punched into the register. It's checking your drivers license number and checking account number to see if you are on a blacklist. This list is composed of anyone who has a bounced a check with any check verification company (they all work together) and a few other bad debt situations like abandoned bank accounts with negative balances. So if you arrived in a limo with President Obama and he stood up giving a thumbs up while you presented a $2.00 government check with your drivers license, the check would be declined even though the account has billions of dollars in it. These companies also flag customers for excessively large checks and multiple checks written in a short period of time. These aren't declined but are required to be called in on a telephone for approval. During this process, the name on the license is matched to the check and your bank is called for for an actual available funds inquiry.
    It's easy to blame a store, but understand this... Checks are like IOU's and stores have received millions of dollars of worthless ones. Certegy charges stores a small percentage of the amount of each check written to back those checks. In other words, if a Certegy approved check bounces, they pay the store and become the new owners of the worthless paper and try to collect on it themselves. Having said this, the rules of the game are that the store can only accept checks approved by Certegy and it must be electronically approved or a manual valid approval code entered. In other words, if Certegy declines your check, the store has no possible way to complete the transaction on the register. There is no "trust me" or "take my word for it" or "I have a billion dollars in the bank" bypass for you.
    Here's a tip for ya... If you have all that money in the bank, just whip out your ATM card, swipe it and be on your way. I'm sure the customers in line behind you would appreciate it as well. You'll have your stuff, the store will have it's money and everyone will be happy except Certegy whom won't make a nickel on the deal!

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  • At
      Jun 17, 2010

    I am not sure if you actually work for that company or not but at least YOU are making some sense as to the methodology of CERTEGY!! I have yet to find out what the issue is as I only write a check for my car payment. Everything else is with my debit card or cash. If in fact they have some sort of criteria for "red flag" issues, then the stores that utilize their services are involved in the embarrassment of their customers. They have a sign warning people that they charge the State allowed Bad Check Fee and the idenitification requirements, so they should put up SOME SORT of notification of either the guidelines in which a check will not be accepted (ie: history of bad checks, no/minimal history of writing checks, etc.) or better yet..LET THE CUSTOMER KNOW THAT THEY HAVE HIRED THIS COMPANY TO PERFORM THE CHECK APPROVAL PROCESS. While I may be one of those customer's standing in line on the person ahead writing a check, this knowledge will definitely help me decide which stores I will patron and what method of payment is used.

    To spend the time to chase down the banks to ensure fraud has not occurred on any of my accounts, since I know for a fact that I have no RTND CKS out there, the time spent trying to get in touch with someone at Certegy so that I may have this restriction removed/cleared up as I believed it had to be a misunderstanding...since my bank verified fraud has not happened..not to mention the embarrassment of the check not being honored...the stores are a part of this problem.

    What you have explained as to the arrangement between the store and Certegy and how they may be compensated for this service, may not even be known to the store manager to help calm their customer and eliminate the need to no longer shop at their store. They are not even armed with the knowledge to help save a customer.

    After reading all of these posts and experiencing an occurance myself, it isn't worth my time and effort to change anything on my end since it is based on a criteria that is never sharedwith the general public. Not writing a check at Target, Walmart or any of those places is not a big deal since there is an ATM almost everywhere..but to NOT write a check at a store where Certegy services are being used so they will not get a nickel is worth the small satisfaction I will enjoy. Thanks for that explaination!!!

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