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Thank you for taking the time to contact Best Buy in regards to the recent experiences you have had in our Hickory store location.

Best Buy has chosen to utilize an outside agency, Certegy, to guarantee the checks our customers present as payment. Sometimes Certegy is unable to guarantee a check because it falls outside their guidelines, and our management staff is not able to override this. Please be assured that this in no way reflects your credibility as a consumer. We appreciate your feedback and I will document your concerns into a formal complaint, which will be made available for upper management.

Best Wishes from Best Buy,
Helen and the Consumer Relations Team

Thank you for your response. I, too, intend to contact upper management at BestBuy about my June 16 and 17 experience at BestBuy in Hickory, NC. I spoke with a representative at Certegy on June 17 about the decline of my checks at BestBuy (Reference # [protected]) and for the representative at Certegy to tell me that my checks were declined because my 'PROFILE' fit the profile of a Fraudulent Check Writer, well, that goes way outside a company's guidelines. I have been doing business with BestBuy for over 10 years and my purchase history with them is extensive. I intend to seek advice and/or assistance from the State's Attorney General's office about this experience as well as submitting a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. A local area news station offers a Problem Solver Investigation hotline for matters of this nature and I intend to contact them. Something needs to be done about Certegy Check Services.

Jonathan Hodge

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  • St
      Jan 07, 2009
    Certegy Check Services - declined check priviledges
    certegy check services
    p o box 30296
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    my check was declined for authorization by Certegy Check Services at the Walgreens in Antioch TN 11/29/2017. I was told that a report would be sent to me stating the reason why. After 2 calls to the customer care department at [protected], i finally received a vaugue response that since there was a gap of 4 checks that they could not identify to who the checks were written, they could not approve my transaction. I was also told that if I were to fill out an application, that my future check writing would be considered after they "processed" the application. I received a letter stating that I was declined the priviledges of writing checks and my checks would not be authorized for future purchases. "The information does not meet the applicable criteria required for enrollment at this time."
    Is there anyone out there who is part of a class action against this firm?
    If so, please contact me: [protected]

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  • Sa
      Jun 10, 2009

    My husband and I have recently moved from Ohio, to Georgia.
    Since our move we have had the very same experience with
    Certegy. It has been an awful experience, frustrating and
    degrading to us since we are senior citizens who have never
    in our lives written a bad check.Certegy has been no help
    at all to help us as we try to get to the bottom of this. If there
    is a class action out there count us in. I owned my own
    business for 25 years and would never have treated a customer
    like they do. Something needs to be done.

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  • La
      Jun 10, 2009

    Your lying. I promise you that. I got the same decline letter. And it never said that I couldn't write checks just that I would be placed on an elevated status. I mean really. You get one decline and your life is over. They dont have to take your check. No one has to take your check for any reason. EVER. If you don't want to be denied use a GUARANTEED form of payment.

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  • Jl
      Aug 04, 2009
    Certegy Check Services - nothing but fraud
    United States

    The first run in I had with this company was after writing a $70 check at a Big 5 Sporting Goods. My check was denied and I was given information to contact Certegy to discuss the problem. First, in a panic, I called my bank to ensure my account had not been wiped out or something. After confirming I was in good standing at the bank, I called Certegy to learn that there's no legitimate reason that my check was denied other than that the numbers (routing, account, amount, etc) some how matched the guidelines (unspecified guidelines) that constituted fraudulent check cashing. I have no criminal history, negative bank history or negative check writing history, I had money in my account and a valid photo ID with me at the time I was trying to make the purchase and this company had the ability to deny my purchase FOR NO REASON. For a "solution", Certegy did try to get me to sign up to be a "gold member" with their companyh so I wouldn't have this problem but I told them to stick it where the sun don't shine. In my opinion, they are bullying consumers...unless we divulge more information about ourselves and give them the power to monitor us more closely, they will make it impossible for us to make purchases in any form other than cash. I've read that they can also randomly deny consumer's ATM transactions as well.
    I am more convinced that I am being bullied as the same problem happened to me again yesterday at Target for a check under $200. I called Certegy immediately to learn the SAME BS they told me the first time. I told them that it was clear they were black listing me since I rarely write checks and this was the first opportunity they had to deny me again since the last run in. Of course, they denied they were seeking me out, but what the hell else do you call it? I just so happened to meet the "guidelines" again??? What are the odds of that? Again, I was pursuaded to become a "gold member" with their company in order to prevent this harrassment...This time I agreed so I could get the paperwork in my hot little hands. I want to get as much info. about them as possible as I am certain they are running an illegal practice.
    There is no difference from what they are doing than if I was randomly asked to leave a store upon entrance for NO REASON...would we stand for that? Let's not let this company get away with this. I've complained to every and any outfit that I could: Consumer Affairs, FTC, Better Business Bureau of West Florida, Target Corporate Offices, Big 5 and anyone else I can think of. Please do the same!!!

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  • Mo
      Sep 10, 2009

    It's not about you. Its about the numbers. The computer cannot see your ID, or evaluate your character. How would you avoid check fraud for the billions of transactions that take place every day, if not with an imperfect computer program doing some calculations based on skimpy data? And if you did have the secret to identifying good checks from bad, would you share it in detail with anyone who just happened to call you on the phone?

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  • Bo
      Sep 27, 2009

    Stop writing checks! Use a credit card, debit card, or cash. Most stores will not accept personal checks unless they are guaranteed to be paid. Certegy gives them this insurance. They are not required to insure everyone. Just because your bank says you are in good standing doesn't mean your check will be good when it's cashed. Just use a more modern form of payment rather than hoping these stores will give you credit.

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  • Ch
      Oct 09, 2009

    i need to know if any checks where not paid

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  • Ch
      Oct 09, 2009

    i need to know if any of my checks where cashed at piggly wiggly in waupaca

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  • Az
      Feb 20, 2010
    Certegy Check Services - they suddenly denied my payroll
    Certegy check services
    United States

    Every other week I get paid and cash it at Walmart. I suddenly got denied and handed a little slip of paper about this Certegy check services. This is after spending about an hour and a half shopping. I tried talking to certegy with the number on the little peice of paper only to hear someone asking personal a fool...i answer his questions only to find out he has no answers and can't tell me why i was denied suddenly. He had a whole report of me being at Walmart cashing my check in the past. He had a very lame, "Sorry for the inconvenience". Nor did he seem to care or understand the embarrassment I experienced.
    I can't help but to wonder why I was red flagged, since I don't do anything wrong to be red flagged. Maybe it is associated with the evil credit bureaus? Even if it was a payroll check and well exceeded what i was purchasing. They have a data base of bussiness partners and I, personally, am avoiding all of them because of this horrible experience. They should not be able to get away with it. I am writing an angry letter and sending it to them, the known places that do business with them, the attorney general, and of course, my friendly local Walmart who I currently stopped doing business with do to this horrible humiliating experience. And anyone else I think of who should be aware of this practice.
    They should not have this much control over people ecpecially since they totally are lousy at there judgements!

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  • Ds
      Feb 20, 2010


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  • Dm
      Feb 23, 2010
    Certegy Check Services - nonresponsive to complaint/inquiries
    United States

    I won't take the time to detail my anger at having my check refused at Big Five Stores in Boise. I have a credit score average of 830, never had a check returned for insufficient funds, and at the time of the "refused check", I had a four figure balance in my checking account. I paid for my purchase with my Visa card then attempted to find a reason for the refusal. I phoned Certegy's toll free info number and got a recorded message saying "all representatives were helping other callers and to stay on the line". I waited and waited while other recorded messages reminded me that I would be helped by the next available person. I was determined to wait as long as it took. I put my cell phone on speaker and drove home. After a half hour and still no customer service person answered, I was home. I hung up the phone. If this is a "real" check verifying business they have no right to be this irresponsible without being held to account for their actions (or inactions). Irate in Idaho!

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  • Vi
      May 15, 2010

    My husband cashed his checks at Wal-Mart every Thursday because its post-dated for Friday. He has
    been cashing his checks there for 3 years. All of a sudden he says that he will no longer be able to
    cash his check. I called the 800 because I thought it was me, since he and I have the same last name
    and I am still paying on a a check given to me by a previous employer, in which one check was good
    and the other wasn't. He was told that because he and I have 2 old bank accounts in collections
    from Suntrust and Compass we have to settle with them first and all would be cleared.
    So, right now were having to get this done because one acct my sister owes me for and the other my husbands
    payroll check was to cover the cost. So, we just don't cash our checks there anymore
    plus we haven't written a check since 2017.

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  • Ce
      Feb 06, 2011
    Certegy Check Services - paycheck denial
    United States

    attempted to cash my paycheck and was denied no reason given by merchant then called ur service was put on hold 41 mins i jus gave up reaching certegy by phone then tryed website also reason given for denial.Incidentally i was denied at merchant counter whilst my wife had grocery cart full. This so called service u offer is DISGUSTING & PATHETIC.There has to be laws that protect hard working law abiding citizens from companies like yours.

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  • Gl
      Mar 14, 2011


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  • Ja
      May 02, 2011
    Certegy Check Services - state check declined
    walmart check cashing
    United States

    I received a LIHEAP check and attempted to cash it at Wal-Mart. The check is drawn on the State of Pennsylvania. Wal-Mart declined to cash it after running it through Certegy Check Services. I then tried phoning Certegy at the 866-6478 number and there is a recording. After you attempt to enter your id number, it states it cannot understand and hangs up. I called them at least a dozen times to no avail. If they don't allow a check drawn on the PA Treasurers office, who then will they approve checks for???? LUDICROUS

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  • Ed
      May 24, 2011
    Certegy Check Services - would not cash payroll check
    Eddie Hodges
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Would not approve a payroll check to be cashed after Walmart had me to endorse the check. Reason #2.. I make more money than they (Certegy) would cash weekly. I feel that this violated my civil rights. As long as the check is legal, They told me it was, they had no right to refuse approval to Walmart... THey (Certegy) has no right to tell me or anyone else how much money they can make on a payroll check... I am looking for attorneys and/or firms to file a class-action law suite against Certegy Check Services.

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  • Ca
      Jun 04, 2011

    My husband was denied pay check cashing at Walmart's even though he had driver's license as ID. He ended up going to the local liquor store and had to pay outrageous fee to get it cashed, all because he worked late and the bank was closed. It gets harder and harder every day for the working man to make a living.----Carolyn and Dave, Elkton, MD

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  • Be
      Aug 01, 2011

    I don't want a bank account ###. So without a bank accout how do you get your check cashed for free? Even the bank its drawn on charges.

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  • Ds
      Dec 27, 2011
    Certegy Check Services - wrongful denial
    United States

    I wrote a $225 check at Boscovs dept. store and was denied. I never wrote a bad check in my entire life, plus had over $7000.00 in my checking account. What the heck is this company doing and do the businesses that use their service know they are losing millions of dollars worth of business on wrongful information. This is also humiliating and must be looked into.

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  • Ci
      Feb 05, 2012

    i received my state of nebraska refund check and bakers supermarket and walmart would not cash the check or overturn their decisions of the denial they said it was somehow not a real check and go someplace else to cash it well bakers and walmart if this is the case i would look into this company and consider a change especially when it is a state check and knowing full well it is GOOD!

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  • Ru
      Jul 26, 2012

    biggest bunch of idiots ive ever dealed with also website is a joke it will take none of youre imfo sayes cant find you or no information avalible its a real joke i guess thats why walmart uses them.

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  • Bu
      Oct 15, 2012

    I also fell victim to the Walmart/Certegy Check services (or should I say NON-service). I took my paycheck to the local Walmart as I had done every Monday for the past 5 months. I'm a truck driver and get paid by Com check. They are as good as cash. All Walmart gave me was a small piece of paper with Certegy's phone number and the denial reason of #2. (Sounds like ### to me!) Unable to cash my check to reload my Walmart money card and buy my weekly necessities, I returned to my truck to PRIVATELY call the Certegy number. They said to call back in an hour as their system was updating. After several calls (5 in 5 hrs.) they informed me that I would have to wait until tomorrow to call back. I tried the website and it was also not an option. I am looking into legal action against Certegy, and also plan on BOYCOTTING Walmart. They are not the only place available to truckers to buy groceries/supplies. I hope other truckers consider boycotting them too. "Frustrated 'Buffalo Bill' "

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  • Ce
      Dec 16, 2012

    Certegy will never answer the phone. They could care less about you or your check... just like Walmart. You are nothing more than a number and a source of profit for them and china. Chinamart as i call them.

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  • Je
      Dec 17, 2012

    I'm with you as far as how much you can make on a GOOD payroll check that they accept one week but deny the next week because it is for more than the week before!!! Our Walmart also charges to cash it, too. Walmart should stop dealing with these people if they value their customers.

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  • An
      Feb 01, 2013

    I'm not lying about my experience with them. I promise you THAT! It's all Bull [censored]!

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