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For the past 18 years we have called centuryLink repair service to repair our phone. We have exposed lines on our road that have been damaged over time. Every time it rains or snows our phone stops working. It crackles, rings at all hours of the night, and has horrible static. In addition, the exposed wires continue to be a safety issue on our road. We have several motorcycles that travel on our road and I am worried the the exposed line could catch a tire and cause injury. I have expressed this concern several times.
Various repairmen are able to fix our phone by trying different wires until they get twisted pair that still works and gives a good connection. This lasts until the next inclement weather.
I have taken several days off work over the years waiting for the repairman to arrive and make the repair.
Today, July 27th, was the last straw. I had a repair ticket open to have our phone fixed. The time slot was from 10:15-2:15. The repairman called around 12:00 to tell me he was on his way. I called CenturyLink at 2:00 to ask where my repairman was and the expected time of arrival. She stated he should be there soon. I waited... I called back at 3:30 and was told that he already came (never knocked on my door) and that he couldn't fix the phone and that a line repair technician will repair it on Monday. That would have been really good information to have and it would have been respectful for the tech to call me and provide me with the information rather than let me sit waiting for his arrival.
I was very upset when the customer service rep told me this information. I raised my voice and was angry. I own this behavior. I was connected to a supervisor and left a message on his line. And again, I was very upset. I apologize for my behavior. I just do not know what to do.
I am so disappointed and frustrated that a large corporation can be so disrespectful and unprofessional. My time is valuable and I am upset that I wasted a day waiting for a repairman that couldn't have the decency to give me a call and explain the situation.
A resolution to this situation would be for CenturyLink to repair their phone lines and cover the lines to an acceptable depth on the road to prevent further damage to phone lines.
CenturyLink has the repair requests and photos. It has been documented for years. I would like CenturyLink to repair their lines and maintain their product with high quality and professionalism.

Heather Huntoon

Jul 27, 2018

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