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Centurylink / Prismcenturylink prism

Thinking this was a great deal I switched to prism with internet can't beat the price. Unfortunately you don't get service. Don't try to watch a show it will die in the middle of it. Dont try to buy a movie on demand it will die in the middle of it. I started to keep a log, I have had to reboot my dvr box 3/15, 3/17, 3/20. 3/22, 3/24, 3/26, 3/27 & 3/39 4/2 died in middle of movie I purchased on demand. I called and apparently this is normal. That was the response I got, "this is normal" ON WHAT PLANET IS THIS NORMAL I don't even get the service I am paying for. I am going to back to Directv I may be being overcharged with them but at least I know I will get good service.

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    Centurylink - Internet — internet service slow as hell

    I live in a small town called starke florida know as called Bradford country Florida it's small town of...

    Global Crossing Local Services — Scam/fraud company

    This is a horrible, fraudulent company. If they call, do not pick up the phone, report them to 1800 do not...

    CenturyLinkan email expressing a change in my services

    Iv'e been trying to get through somehow to obtain an auto pay with CenturyLink and was trying to get a new ID and password as neither items would work . That was yesterday. This morning I received an email informing me that I had requested a change to my CenturyLink services and that some high speed equipment would be delivered tomorrow! I just want to get set up for autopay:. I already had Internet with CenturyLink. I'm going to call this morning at 8:00 If I can reach anyone on a Sunday!!
    I did not order this and will refuse the delivery when I arrives on Monday.
    This is very stressful to say theleast!

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      CenturyLinkovercharged for the last 6 months

      I have always recommended CL over the other cable provider in the area because they had always had great Customer Service until recently.
      First, you have to go through their robot answer system that does not understand Customer Service as a command, a far cry from the live person that used to answer the phone.
      Secondly, you get to that person the robot sent your call to and they are not the department you need to speak with after 20 minutes on hold. So you are again transferred to wait again.
      When I finally got a very nice lady on the line that promised to look into the $56 for a phone I don't have and over double the monthly charges($112 to $288) for Prism and Internet, I got cut off and could not get her back. So I called the same Number again and took another 15 minutes on hold. I finally got someone who could start to help me and then I had to talk to a resolution officer because she could not take off these outrageous charges.
      I made calls every month for the last 6 months and not one person corrected my bill. The overages total over $400 and Now I am expected to pay for them. Please help !!!

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        Century Linkbilling and poor customer service

        I have been paying my internet with century link for quite some time now. Set it up with their employee, was told no issues would happen again. Today I called to see why they sent me a disconnect notice for internet service and they say I have to pay $132.00 due to a late pmt that went from $38.99 to about $45.00 and an extra $7.00 per month due to that ongoing late charge. They won't take this off the bill, and I am disabled. I also live on a tight budget and they want to set me up with payments. REALLY????? Help stop these companies from helping themselves to your money. Complain.

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          CenturyLink — internet

          I've had three horrible experiences with centurylink. First of all let me say that before I retired I worked...

          CenturyLinkinternet speeds constantly being throttled

          I have heard every level of excuse from this company, and every time they throttle my speeds down to 4mb/s. They have had to repair their weak infrastructure lines to my home twice, and I pay for a 8mb/s service and know it can get the full 8mb/s when they aren't throttling me. I have threatened to sue them and viola instant speed, yet after not following thru on my threat, they have again knocked my service speed down. Guess I actually need follow thru with that lawsuit than!!!

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            Century Linkinternet service

            We recently moved about 5 miles away from a home that we had Century Link internet service at 12 mbps. We have been told by Century Link that the fastest speed they can provide us at our new home is only 1.5 mbps. This is 2016 and to offer speeds that low in this day and age are unacceptable. They get away with it because the only other way to get internet in this area is through satellite which is actually worse. We can't even use wi-fi to make and receive calls at that speed. Checking email takes forever, forgetting trying to do a search. Streaming anything is impossible. Netflix can't even load a movie let alone play it.

            Anyone have advice or are we screwed?

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              CenturyLink — internet speed

              I have been with Centurylink for 4 years. I have paid for 10 Mbps and have received 1.2 Mbps. I've been told...


              Global Crossing Local Services, Inc.Debt owed

              Received a call from this person--did not state who they where with only stated that I needed to call this number [protected], because of a legal matter case# [protected]. After looking them up on the internet & seeing the scam/fraud issues that are being said about them I no intentions on calling them back. So be careful with [protected].

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                • Sq
                  Squid 420 Jul 11, 2016
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  I have saved voicemails of them verbally threatening me. I told them they can come to my city and I will destroy them. Right to bear arms mother F If these people are " Legal" to threaten my life then I have every right to feed them to the sharks.

                  Lets get these pathetic people in jail taking it in the ###

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                Century Linkvacation plan

                We signed up for a CenturyLink account (basic phone service plus internet) because that's the ONLY reliable means of communication at the house in WI. We drive a semi cross country and are often away from home for weeks at a time. But when we're home, having phone & internet is critical.

                When we signed up, no one offered or explained the Vacation Plan which would save us money we didn't need to be throwing away on service we weren't there to use. If they had offered this in the beginning, we wouldn't have ever gotten behind on our bill.

                But freight was slow in the fall & winter. We fell behind on many bills, even though we were away from home from the last week in October until a week past New Year's. It was only because we asked if CL had such a program that we even found out about i it. As if it's a big secret that the company really hopes you won't find out about.

                We wanted to work out a payment arrangement to get our bill caught up & so we called. We made arrangements to pay half of the the outstanding bill ( half being $202.00). And CL immediately suspended our service. We called, & it was restored, but 3 days later, the service was again suspended.

                When we called again to discuss our bill, they told us that No they can't apply the plan retroactively, No, they won't apply the plan until the payments are current, and No, they can't check to see what amount of data or how many calls we had made during our absence. If Homeland Security can access records, you know Century Link can.

                And why wouldn't they apply the Vacation Plan going forward while we're not home? They just want to squeeze us for all they can get. Other companies make adjustments on customers' bills for justifiable reasons. We have never asked Century Link to make any other concession, ever. You would think that as a good faith gesture, they could make an allowance even just one time.

                Like I said, if we had known about this plan, we could have saved about $200-300 over the 3 months we were absent from home. Instead, for the cumulative 4 weeks we were there, we have the privilege of paying in excess of $500. And climbing, since CL refuses to apply the plan until they exact (extract) the full measure of blood.

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                  CenturyLink — internet service

                  In May of 2014 I bought a house and moved. I contacted centurylink and they said they could save me money by...


                  CenturyLink — 25 mbps internet service/customer service

                  Get off of centurylink services if you can!!! I have spent the last week dealing with centurylink trying to...


                  Sent back our faulty modem but still got billed for the cost of the modem! Tried talking with a chat rep and they affirmed we would be credited back for the modem on our next bill. Well the next bill arrived and we've officially been charged. Talked with a chat representative a second time and directed us to their billing department which was closed. Loyal customer for 3 years, definitely looking at other ISPs in our area tonight.

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                    • Bi
                      bitbrush Jan 13, 2016
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      Update: Talked with customer service, even though the modem was shipped 2 months ago they won't credit me back the fee unless I can prove the modem arrived with a tracking number. That tracking number receipt is far gone but how does Century Link not track these things themselves once the package arrives??? This takes it to a whole new level! Definitely leaving Century Link next month when my 1 year contract is up. Please consider other ISPs in your area before going with Century Link. I've enjoyed their services up until this point but this kind of service is unacceptable. BEWARE!

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                    CenturyLink — Billing for internet

                    I've had internet service with CenturyLink for a few years, and I have never missed a payment. This new...

                    Century Linkstay away from the internet with them

                    Where to begin... When I first signed up, the put two accounts in my name and sent me two modem/routers. After an hour on the phone - they realized the mistake was on their end and closed one of the accounts. Yay! They did something correctly! The rest of the story has no happy points. I signed up for the Mb download and Mb upload package. They promised me a discounted rate without install charges and waiving the activation charge - I got charged for both. For the first 30 days (you can exit your contract with no financial obligation within 30 days) everything worked well even though I was getting Mb down and Mb up (close enough for me not to complain). On day 33 - my internet went to crap completely. Since then 2 installers cannot figure it out, and I have to restart my modem/router 3, 4, 5 times a day as the signal is the more unstable than a free cricket phone on a 2G network. I'm lucky to get 20mb down at most and the signal is so unstable every web service times out (Netflix, PS Network, etc). Funny thing is - I work in IT and I build networks. I've told the installers how to fix the problem, but they don't have the hardware they need and refuse to replace infrastructure components that are necessary for everyone within a few blocks to have decent service. Moral of the story: Century Link is Qwest - nothing has changed. The same business model of getting people in a contract and screw them for the most money they can. I will also mention that in the last 5 months I have been with them, they increased my price twice. I still don't have a stable network or the speeds promised 5 months later. I live in Mesa, Arizona and all other Century Link users in my neighborhood have all said the same things as I have.

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                      CenturyLinkisp service

                      Getting tired of this problem. Have major problem with the line coming from centurylinks side of the internet service. Approximately, every 5 to 10 minutes. They drop the dsl connection. I can't even read my email! Worse yet. When I go to reset the modem as per tech. support telling me to do so. The modem locks up into a "walled garden" state. Meaning that a generic ip address has been automatically reassigned to the modem. As a result of this. You end up with no internet what so ever! Then have to make another call to tech. support so they can reassign your account info. to the modem. Then, 'whew!', you have to remove the old wifi network and create a new wifi network with a new password, etc, etc, etc.. For each device in your household. This is simply unexeptable! Clearly, CenturyLink IS AWARE of this problem, or they would not be giving customers these instructions to get their internet service back. I hope that enough customers complain or even drop their service and hit them in their wallets enough to get some action taken.

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                        • Cl
                          Clifford Lucero Nov 13, 2015
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          We the people, can get action taken to correct problems. But it takes everybody to participate. That's what the United States of America is about, when trying to deal with unruly, greedy bones corparations.

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                        Global Crossing Local Services, Inc. — Robo calls, unsolicited cell phone calls and text messages

                        I keep receiving repetitive annoying phone calls, text messages and oddly enough even some type of download...

                        CenturyLinkbad phone and internet

                        I would caution anyone considering the phony so called Cop. To shop else where and don't even get them as a last resort. They refused to let me cancel service / They lied and said I was on a which I am not and they forced me to have there lousy service and horrible customer dis-service.service.When I stopped paying their ridiculous bills the interrupted my service so I had contact them. I believe they are responsible for deliberately destroying my computer. And. I have changes ISPs and these creeps are still tring to scam me for services I didn't order hat they forced me to have. If you want have a total waste of time don't even consider the fly by night operaTION THAT CARES LESS ABOUT ITs CUSTOMERS. aS far as I'm concerned they are the buggiest Fraud I have ever experience. They are not an accredited member of the BBB. I can see why. In one thing I saw on the Internet they have 17 bad customer reviews, one good and one neutral. If that doesn't say they are the worst what does?? Just don't waste your time with this so called Co, I have not heard anyone say onward good about they..They are full of lies and apologies and billing and ripping people off for lousy service not ordered

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