Centurylink Prism And Myprepaidcenter / promised visa rewards card

Orlando, FL, United States Review updated:

Young man came to the door to sell us Centurylink Prism. Promised us $100 visa rewards card. As you can see from this copy/paste:

Submitted Date: 06-09-2014
Expected Delivery Date: 09-03-2014
08-09-2014 - Accepted

They waited two *months* to accept and then also failed to deliver on time. Centurylink says it's out of their hands and told me to call a 3rd party they refer to as "visa" (

"Visa" said the card's in the mail. That lie is as old as the mail itiself. So I demanded they ship with a tracking number and give me that number as evidence that they are complying with their promise. They said (get this) they can't give out tracking numbers for "security reasons." AND they want ME to PAY $20 for the UPS service!! I said, fine, make the card for $120 then instead of $100. But I refused to hang up without a tracking number and I'm still at it with them even now.

Don't bother calling [protected]. You can't even start a call without a card number. Don't bother callng 1.800.831.1733. They'll say to call [protected]...

There are at least 230 other complaints about this here and on two other sites!!

All Centurylink and my prepaid center have done is stonewall me.

Sep 19, 2014
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      Oct 17, 2014

    I live in Nevada and was also promised a $100 Visa reward card that was supposed to be in my hands by Sept. 22, 2014 with October 1, 2014 being the latest date. When I called on October 1, I was assured a card was being sent out but to wait an additional two weeks. It never came. When I called back on October 17, I was told one had not been issued and I was going to have to wait another three weeks, November 7, 2014. I made it clear that if I did not get it this time, letters of complaint were going to the head office of Century Link in Carol Stream, Illinois, Nevada Better Business Bureau, and the Illinois and Nevada States Attorneys offices reporting fraud. This got the attention of the last person I spoke to on the phone.This problem of not honoring the Visa reward cards is so rampant that the associate at the Century Link office in Las Vegas who I spoke to about the problem said he knew about it and just didn't bother to tell people about the promotion anymore. If this has happened to anyone else, please take this to the level I will be taking. I seriously doubt that after all these calls I have made to Century Link that I will ever receive the $100 Visa reward card. Let the authorities deal with this.

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