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CenturyLink / contract termination fee

1 Scottsdale, AZ, United States

I have been a Centurylink internet customer for about a year and a half, since January 2014. When I moved to AZ from RI, my intention was to continue with my previous ISP - Cox. However, it was then that I got to know about Centurylink and their "so-called" amazing speeds at affordable prices offers. When I called up to inquire, the gentleman who was my sales rep, told me that they offered 40Mbps speed with one year contracts at $30.00 a month, which sounded too good an offer to pass up. However, the icing on the cake was the contract terms itself. I was told that, in case I had to relocate to an area where there was no Centurylink service, I would not be charged a lease break penalty. The gentleman even humored me with a story where he said people faked moving to Canada so that they did not have to pay the contract breakage penalty. Last week, I left the United States and relocated back to India. So, when I called up for my "no-penalty-for-relocation-since-moving-out-of-the-country", I was in for a rude shock. The reps insisted that there was no such deal and argued that I pay the fee no matter what. I even talked to a point of escalation and this lady too rather rudely said that I had to pay up. She even refused to acknowledge that their own reps had made the sale with this as the highlight of their selling points. I do not intend to pay for a contract break that I was incidentally told I will not be liable for. I'm willing to pay for my final month's service, but that's where I draw the line. I am not the only one falling for this hoax. Apparently, many of my friends have had this experience where they sign-up thinking there is no contract breakage penalty (as we are all immigrant workers who end up relocating within and outside the US in as little as 2 weeks notice) but then are taken for a ride by the Centurylink sales and customer service departments who feel, lying to get business isn't such a big deal.

Aug 5, 2015

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