CenturyLink / liars

United States

I couldn't pay my December bill on time, so on the 26th of December Centurylink called and I answered. I told the man I could pay on the 29th of December and he said well i will extend it to the #rd of January. I said thanks. On January 3 i went online to pay my bill and it said I had a $0 balance. So I did a live chat and asked the man why I had a $0 balance and he said a payment was made there was nothing more I needed to do and again I asked if he was sure and he said yes. I thought (like most would)that a lil Christmas miracle had happened and that they had zeroed out my balance, maybe as a way to say thanks for being a loyal customer(especially since they only offer deals to new customers and the current ones just get screwed). A week later my bill is back and I am getting shut off notices. I call and they said that I arranged a post dated check(which I wouldn't have done because I dont' use that account anymore because it never has money in it). They pretty much accused me of lying, got smart with me and when I asked for a supervisor they gave to someone who was not a supervisor but didn't tell me until after I had wasted my time telling her my story. In order for me to get back the 2 overdraft fees THEY caused I have to contact my bank and then they will give me a credit. I don't want a credit I want MY money back in MY account that I didn't authorize. When I asked for a copy of the information stating i had gave them my account information on December 23 authorizing a post dated check they claim they are not allowed to do that or to give me the name of the person I supposedly talked to. I only spoke to 1 person and I never gave him my checking information. Centurylink is crooked and I am urging all to stay away from them. I am contacting my local news and newspaper to see if they will do a story on these crooked people.

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