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I called Centurylink's customer service number on Wednesday, August 11, to report a problem with my phone line. After a 20+ minute hold, I explained my difficulty. I was then transferred to someone else in another department. After explaining my difficulty again, I was transferred to a third individual. After explaining my difficulty AGAIN, I was put on hold. Moments later, the call was disconnected.

I called back. After another 15+ minute wait, I explained my difficulty to another "customer service" rep, who assured me that a Centurylink repairman would be at my house the next day between 8am and noon.

I re-scheduled all my morning appointments in order to be able to meet the service tech. At 2:30 pm, I called customer service. After another long wait, the "customer service" rep told me that it would be Friday between 8am and noon.

Again, I re-scheduled all my appointments and spent the day waiting. By 5:30, it was apparent no one was coming to fix my phone. Since it was the weekend, I would have to wait until Monday.

I called back this morning and found a very nice young lady who was very helpful and sounded understanding. She actually spoke with her supervisor and called me back, assuring me that someone would be out today.

I received a call from our regional repair offices, who told me that they were following up and would call me right back. That was this morning. It is now nearly 4 pm and I have yet to get a call.

I am convinced that Centurylink could not care less about their customers. They know that we have no choice but to use them because they have a monopoly in our town.

This is not the first time I have had problems with Centurylink. Their DSL service is slow and unreliable and calls to get it fixed are totally ignored. They have THE WORST customer service of any company I have ever written a monthly check to.

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  • It took 20 phone calls and 3 weeks to get my internet & phone hooked up. I realized after the first 10 days I had made a terrible mistake. Wrote to corporate, they ignored me.

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