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I called to cancel my service (I was moving, not to mention I had to call their tech support on average 2X a month due to extremely slow (10 min to load a page) internet or no service), and the first time, it seemed to be smooth sailing (aside from it taking 38 minutes to do the call). A few weeks passed, and I noticed on my bank statement that I was charged for another month. I called them back. After being on hold for 26 minutes (their average is 15-17 minute hold) I finally hung up as I needed to answer another call. Next time I tried, I was again on hold- this time only 7 minutes (They must have broken a company record!) and the operator said I was due to get my money back. I asked if I could get that information sent to me as a confirmation via email and she transferred me. Again on hold (I think 3 minutes), again had to go through the hoops of 'name, account #, service provided, last four of social, address'. This lady said I was justly charged and that I would not be getting money back, but my service had been cancelled. I again asked if I could get a confirmation email. She put me on hold. Next person said I should be getting about 2/3 of my money back. I AGAIN asked for a confirmation email, to which he stated the company does not provide those. I think it may be wise for customers to record their conversations with CenturyLink. As for me, I will not be doing business again.

Sep 16, 2014

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