Century Link / stay away from the internet with them

Mesa, AZ, United States

Where to begin... When I first signed up, the put two accounts in my name and sent me two modem/routers. After an hour on the phone - they realized the mistake was on their end and closed one of the accounts. Yay! They did something correctly! The rest of the story has no happy points. I signed up for the Mb download and Mb upload package. They promised me a discounted rate without install charges and waiving the activation charge - I got charged for both. For the first 30 days (you can exit your contract with no financial obligation within 30 days) everything worked well even though I was getting Mb down and Mb up (close enough for me not to complain). On day 33 - my internet went to crap completely. Since then 2 installers cannot figure it out, and I have to restart my modem/router 3, 4, 5 times a day as the signal is the more unstable than a free cricket phone on a 2G network. I'm lucky to get 20mb down at most and the signal is so unstable every web service times out (Netflix, PS Network, etc). Funny thing is - I work in IT and I build networks. I've told the installers how to fix the problem, but they don't have the hardware they need and refuse to replace infrastructure components that are necessary for everyone within a few blocks to have decent service. Moral of the story: Century Link is Qwest - nothing has changed. The same business model of getting people in a contract and screw them for the most money they can. I will also mention that in the last 5 months I have been with them, they increased my price twice. I still don't have a stable network or the speeds promised 5 months later. I live in Mesa, Arizona and all other Century Link users in my neighborhood have all said the same things as I have.

Dec 29, 2015

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