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Century Link / internet

1 Vancouver, WA, United States

Century Link customer service in general has to be the wc)rst, most deceptive, careless and
inconsiderate phone customer service out there. I was overcharged. I have been on the phone
for over an hour and 1/2. I was to be given a promotion reinstatement . I paid in full for the
small time lapse last month when the promo had ended. On 10/61 spent a lot of time on the
phone getting it reinstated . I was to be given a $13.07 credit for when I had no connectivity for
the month of Sept. So today instead of the $31.00 plus tax minus my credit, they over charged
me the credit amount . My bill should have been 15.06 for their internet service.
While that in itself is bacl enough, I have been on the phone for going on 2 hours as I write this.
I have been transferred numerous times to other departments despite asking for retention
dept, representatives have put me on hold promising to look into it and left me sitting for 15
minutes and never coming back on line. A rep promised to stay c)n the line as she could see " I
was overcharged, but I don`t know why, we need t o get someone on the line to help us out, "
She was not on the line when I was transferred to Alex who had me repeat thttps://usmg6. whole i55ue again. She went to look
into it, put me on hold and never returned. This of coilrse after all these so called customer
service people apologizing, wasting more time.
I finally got a supervisor in retention, who saw I was over charged, and resolved the bill error .
BUT it has taken almost 2 hours to do this. This was not complicated nor questionable as I have
been on auto pay for the last year, with the same amount deducted for internet service. There
were no changes to my bservice whatsoever besides described above.
My feeling is that Century Link put people with challenging problems through this nightmare of
wasted time, countless transfers, long holds, various departments making you repeat the issue
all over again---so that you GIVE uP. Many people would who do not have two hours to spend
on the phone with Century Link. Or elderly people who just become more confused. It is a
shame to be robbed of my time because their extremely poor service. Had I given up (as many
would do) their error would have stood and I would have been overcharged.
Horrible, inconsiderate

Nov 23, 2016

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