Century Link / ignoring power of attorney

PA, United States

First only my husband's name is on the account. He is not reachable at this time. I have his Durable FULL Power of Attorney. I call Century Link and ask what they need from me to put me on the account and tell them I have his power of attorney. I get told "We need to talk to him" I explain I am HOLDING his power of attorney and ask again what they need from me to put me on the account. "We can't. We need to talk to him.' I then explain that the next person they will be talking to will be my Lawyer and a State representive for refusing to provide me with information about what they need [which should be a certified copy of the power of attorney and other documents attesting that I have it] because this makes me "Him" in business matters. I get told "We have to talk to him." Can you say LAW SUIT Century Link? I'm sure the state utilities commission won't be happy with you either and you can bet your bippy I am complaining to them.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THE COMPANY IF YOU CAN AVOID IT. They don't have a brain or a clue. No other business has such poorly educated staff that they do not understand POWER OF ATTORNEY. We are stuck with them. First chance I get, I'm gone.

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