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Century Link / century link ethics

1 AZ, United States

Consumer complaint blogs reveal thousands of complaints regarding numerous aspects of Century Link service and the general credibility of the company. The company is routinely involved in lying, out-and-out fraudulent scams, stealing money from their customers, and at minimum extremely poor and unorthodox accounting practices. Suffice to say, Century Link has nothing whatsoever in common with "savory business ethics". The underlying problem is that Federal agencies appear to be totally ineffective in regulating the company, to the point that Federal authorities appear to be "protecting" the company. Basically, the FCC, FTC, and U.S. Attorney General offices will tell the public that those regulatory agencies simply collect consumer complaints on any given issue until the preponderance of reports mandate that some action be taken. Telecommunications companies like Century Link know this full well, so the beat goes on. They operate with total arrogance of Federal and State laws, the government in general, and most importantly the consumer. Especially with telephone providers, consumers would be well-advised to heed the following advice:
1. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE should consumers authorize the company to "bundle" services. DO NOT BUNDLE.
2. Whenever possible find providers that DO NOT require any form of contract. There are many such providers.
3. Buy a cheap recording device with a telephone pick-up, and record ALL conversations with the provider. Perfectly legal, and
consumers should assume that the provider is recording the conversation as well. If they refuse to allow you to record (this is a
favorite tactic of Verizon), then take your business elsewhere.
4. If you must file a formal complaint, DO NOT file it directly with the FCC or FTC. File it with your U.S. Congressman.

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