Cebu Pacificdelay of prior flight and non-payment of substitute

Dear Sir or Madame,

the flight Cebu to Manila on 21st of January 2017 (Airline PNR: UD64UW) was 3 hours delayed. This resulted in missing out connecting flight in Manila to Bangkok (21st January 2017, 9:25 pm departure time) and thus our flight from Bangkok to Krabi on 22nd of January at 5:35 am with LionAir. As compensation only the ticket from Manila to Bangkok was paid and the costs for the new flight ticket to Krabi had to be paid by ourselves, even though we called your hotline before we booked our 3 seperate flights. The hotline - and also the staff from the Standby Counter in Manila - said that between the flights should be 3-4 hours - in our case, this was considered!
We had to pay twice the ticket to Krabi from Bangkok, which we won't bear! We had to book another flight in short-term on the night of the 21st to 22nd of January that costed 920 RMB in total for 2 persons. We would like to apply Cebu Pacific for paying these additional costs!

Jennifer Kratz

  • Updated by Jennifer Kratz, Feb 03, 2017

    It is a pity and a shame for such a big company not to response! Why do you offer a compliantsboard if you do not care what customers write about?

Jan 28, 2017

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