Cebu Pacific / cebu pacific website not working / escalation team unable to help

phillippines, Australia

Website has not been working properly since Jan 17, 2017
When you go to book any single, return, multiple > then select the calendar it does not load, typing a date also did not work.
trying multiple browsers as well as using macs, windows pc, at work and at home did not make any difference..

My dad made a booking and honest mistake booked the departing date on the same day.

leaving Manila > Sydney on 7 feb and and departing: Sydney to Manila on the same day 7 feb 2017

the reason for this was because the site had asked him to re enter all the details a third time after hitting save as it did not take his entries in and save.

This cause my dad to accidentally overlook the leaving and departing dates to be on the same day.

After speaking with customer service over 3 days I was told to send a guest feedback:

I was told it would take approx 24/48 hours for a response.
i never got a response after 3 full days

I called to follow up and was told by the first person which answered that my request was declined.
I asked why were we not informed in anyway of the outcome.
I was told they do not reply via email or make calls regarding complaints.
I did get a confirmation email that they received the complaint

which included nothing, not even a reference number - attached screenshot
*also note that there was no emails in the Junk or Clutter
* added note that I work in IT support I know that it is not a caching issue I'm knowledgable where emails would possibly be ending up in.

I then question what is the point of entering our contact details if we are to follow up ourselves.

Moving forward we asked how much is the fare now if we were to book 3 days later. We were told the base fare which is already paid: 20, 809.50PHP that a rebooking fee + price difference on Tuesday Price 3899.43PHP has now increased to 7778.90PHP

I questioned the person I spoke with what would have happened if I did not take the initiative to follow up, the price difference could have jumped even more?

I was asked time and time again to verify my email address which I gave and spelt multiple times its 5 letters long very simple no one with a right mind could get this wrong honestly.

I was told they would escalate this again.
I promptly requested that we get a call back or reply email as soon as possible as this is likely going to cause the price to hike even more.

I asked that I dot expect to get the same declining response back.
And that I would like to speak with whoever it requires to actually make changes / override the system as this is a fault on their end not mine or my parents.

If I have to speak with the superior manager or CEO/President of cebu I will.

If you are reading this please respond back.
Here are some ref for you if you need

confirmation number: S7IHVY
Flight details: 5J39 and 5J40
Booking date: 17 Jan 2017

Base Fare (paid) 20, 809.50 PHP

asked to pay: as of Tuesday 17/01/2017
3, 899.43 PHP re booking fee change (2800PHP)
+ 1899.43PHP price difference

After my follow up Friday 20/01/2017
Asked to pay a re booking fee change + price difference of:
7778.90 PHP

Cebu this is pathetic please 1. fix your website booking system
2. Ensure that your customer service / escalation are actually able to respond
3. that when a request is put forward that you actually consider and give a reason for the rejection of claims.
i.e. was it not a valid enough reason.

Lastly I will posting a video of this stupid booking system fault on the cebu au website on their Cebu facebook page shortly.

Sydney, Australia

Cebu Pacific

Jan 20, 2017

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