Cebu Pacificbaggage handling

Date of the incident: Jan 10, 2017
Passenger Name: Maria Sara Camill de Jesus
Mobile No: +[protected] / +6011 [protected]
Seat No. 12C
Flight No: 5J 501 (MNL-KUL)

My baggage was not properly handled despite the 2 FRAGILE stickers that is attached in my luggage.

I am requesting for a luggage replacement/ voucher or credit that I can use to purchase a new one as a replacement. I also file a complaint at your KL airport customer service and filled up a form. I hope it has been raised in your system.

Your negligence to handle a passengers belonging is totally disappointing and unacceptable.

We have endorsed our luggage's to your hand and this is what I will end up collecting at the conveyor?

Your immediate resolution will be much appreciated.

Cebu Pacific
Cebu Pacific
Cebu Pacific
Cebu Pacific
Cebu Pacific

Jan 11, 2017

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