Cebu Pacific Airyour refuse let get on my flight

11/28/2018 i arrived at counter check at 10:37 am and my flight was at 11:15am, your customers people refused to let me and my wife to get on the on our flight, but another on another his flight left at 11:05am they left him get on his flight. Now i paid for this flight and i had 45 minutes still get on the flight, and you refuse me and my wife get on, you need refund us half of the price of two tickets back to us. I not going fight with you, or what you think is right or wrong. It would be best for you just refund my money, and we will never fly with your company every again. I made very sad and sick that you treat customers like this, and treat me as america and guess to your country bad. Yes i got highly mad at your people, because they was acting very stupid in way they treated me, and for your company you keep my money and stole from me and my wife half our airfare, that you need to refund. No reason for not let us on the flight at all. Your company still own me for a flight when my mother death in may 2018, i sent you all paperwork and need return that money as well. Email [protected]@yahoo.Com dr. Robin harmia booking reference vcqskp return flight you need refund us the mney for.

Nov 27, 2018

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